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1 Lago Viedma
2 Río Túnel
3 Cerro Huemul, 2677
4 Glaciar Río Túnel Inferior
5 Paso del Viento, 1428
6 Cerro Solo, 2121
7 Laguna Torre
8 Mirador Maestri
9 Techado Negro, 2152
10 Cerro El Ñato
11 Camp. De Agostini
12 Cerro Eléctrico, 2159
13 Loma de las Pizarras. 1691
14 Río Fitzroy
15 Laguna Cóndor
16 Laguna Capri
17 El Chaltén


Aufnahmestandort: Loma del Pliegue Tumbado (1521 m)      Fotografiert von: Pedrotti Alberto
Gebiet: Argentina      Datum: 07-02-2014
On February 06 I cycled into El Chaltén against a fierce headwind, such that the 70 km along the Lago Viedma took me ten hours of hard work.
The starting point of that day can be seen in
according to a technique that was taught to me by local cyclists.
At the arrival in Chaltén, rain added to headwind. Once at the mirador in front of the town
I wondered if I was more tired here, or when in 2010, alone at 7000 m on Pik Somoni, I dug a hole in the snow in order to pitch my tent in a storm, and the answer was that I was indeed more tired here...
A good meal was needed in order to regain energy, and I had dinner in an inn called Como Vaca (I eat cow) with a banker from Geneva, Switzerland, the conversation being about mountains and money, namely
1) Cerro Torre and Fitzroy that seemed not willing to show themselves that day;
2) the fact that, unlike the Swiss banker, I was not going around with my pockets full of dollar cash such that, while he was regularly changing at the black market, I was totally dependent on local ATMs, often unwilling to give money at all. As a result, I was paying the dinner nearly twice as the banker...
The next morning brought good news, there was some blue in the sky and I went to register for the long trekking tour known as Vuelta al Huemul. Since the park offices are on the path to the Pliegue Tumbato, I went on to the summit, which was my first priority in El Chaltén after long Betrachtung and study of 12516.
The result can be seen here, with the most spectacular feature being the big cloud that singles out the Cerro Solo, the "lonely mountain" which guards the Laguna Torre:

12 HF, Canon G1X, 28 mm, f/8, 1/640 sec.


Natürlich schade, dass man Cerro Torre und Fitz Roy hier nicht sehen kann, aber die die beiden ersetzenden Wolkengebilde sind nahezu ebenbürtig. Und wie man sehen kann, hast du ja auch noch den Blick gänzlich ohne Wolken erleben dürfen ;)
11.02.2016 19:47 , Jens Vischer
left & right beautiful, the center is very imposing !
11.02.2016 20:02 , Steffen Minack
Die Weite und die Wolken, stärker als die Berge.
11.02.2016 22:14 , Heinz Höra
Herrliche Wolken!
Kleiner Schönheitsfehler: rechts der IrfanViev-Buk
13.02.2016 08:59 , Friedemann Dittrich
Gibt es ein sichtbares Bug?
Ich merke erst bei 800% Vergrösserung etwas in den letzten 3 (!!) Pixeln.
13.02.2016 17:07 , Pedrotti Alberto
When looking at your panoramas, all seems majestic and peaceful - good to read the text to learn about the context how hard it is to get to these views. Cheers, Martin
14.02.2016 20:03 , Martin Kraus

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Pedrotti Alberto

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