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1 Direction Mirador Seracs
2 To Saltos de Petrohué
3 Ensenada
4 Calbuco, 2120
5 Lago Llanquihue
6 Puerto Varas
7 Mirador Llanquihue


Location: Volcán Osorno (1615 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Chile      Date: 17-05-2014
For me Osorno is the perfect volcano. It was seeing its shape photographed on an old geography book, already when I was I child, that I developed the desire to visit the Andes one day.
On 17-05-2014 I was finally walking on this cone, which in that season was already extensively snow-covered: check also At the latitude of Naples and with no more than 2660 metres height, this mountain is topped by a thick ice-cap. Actually, the ascent to the summit was prohibited by the local authorities due to excessive danger of icefall.
Stories which remind us that Patagonia is not Europe...
Not Europe, at least up to a certain point, and it is here that the Betrachter can give me a precious help. In he may see the Osorno crowning, behind Lago Llanquihue, a view of the cathedral of Puerto Varas. This church is said to be a copy of some church in Germany, and it is an open problem for me to find out which one.
I made extensive research on the topic, but there seems to be a high fence separating me from the solution...


Pedrotti Alberto

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