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1 Monte Pindo, 627m
2 O Pindo
3 Punta do Fornelo
4 Caneliñas
5 Punta do Porto de Quilmas
6 Punta dos Remedios
7 Illa Lobeira Chica
8 Illa Lobeira Grande
9 Faro o Carromeiro
10 Cabo Fisterra
11 Faro do Cabo Fisterra (Fisterra lighthouse)
12 Monte de San Guillerme
13 Cabo de Cee
14 Fisterra
15 Faro de Cabo de Cee (Cee Lighthouse)
16 Ria de Corcubion
17 Corcubion
18 Cee


Location: Cee (Caneliñas)      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Spain      Date: 30 Juny 2014
Costa da Morte (Coast of Death) is part of the Spanish Galician coast.
The Costa da Morte received its name because there have been so many shipwrecks along its treacherous rocky shore. Instead of being sheltered by an intricate coastline or by islands as the Rías Baixas region is, the shore of the Costa da Morte is exposed directly to the Atlantic Ocean. It is an area that has been impacted by a number of oil spills, including the spill from the Prestige in 2002.


You tried the same trick as me - with a very Nordic appearance in landscape and houses of an area that is south from where most of us live. With Google Earth, the mountain on the left can be found. According to Wikipedia, it is 627m high, and its name, now articulated in a romanic language, can be ethymologically traced to what Scottish Gaelic would write as "Beinn Dubh" - the dark mountain. The large shed in the foreground next to the house with the pool is in aplace called C...s.
Cheers, Martin
2015/11/01 10:23 , Martin Kraus
Yes, it's the same reason that I realized that yours was in Spain. The landscape is Nordic, but the houses are not ;-)

This is an evocative panorama for many reasons. First you see Cabo Finsterra (Cape Finisterre). The name Fisterra (or Finisterre), derives from the Latin finis terrae, meaning "end of the earth". In the past it was thought that it was the westernmost point of the Iberian Peninsula and therefore the end of the Earth.

Cabo Fisterra is also the final destination for many pilgrims on the Way of St. James, the pilgrimage to the shrine of the apostle Saint James the Great in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.
2015/11/01 11:29 , Giuseppe Marzulli
This is indeed an evocative panorama.
Interesting to see Finisterre, das Ende der Erde.
2015/11/01 18:45 , Heinz Höra
What a contrast with southern Spain.
2015/11/01 20:16 , Mentor Depret

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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