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1 Sveto Brdo
2 Tulove Grede
3 Crnopac


Location: Maslenica (50 m)      by: Konrad Sus
Area: Croatia      Date: 17.07.2012


In 2003, on the other side, the asphalt ended abruptly without any prior warning. I have a photo with a ship directly "below" the front wheel of my bicycle.
Greetings, Alberto.
2015/08/26 14:05 , Pedrotti Alberto
Sorry, but there is a big stitching error at the cables in the middle, the left part is overlighted an the horizon seems incorrect. I think Alberto didn't really rate the pano but only the fact that he knows the location. Perhaps a look at Thomas Schabachers hints for the rating items could help :-(
LG Jörg

P.S. Zwichenzeitlich wurden die Kabel geflickt.
2015/08/26 18:27 , Jörg Nitz
Jörg - Thank you for your valuable comments
Alberto - Thanks God, You didnt`t fall to sea, its 65 meters of drop.
Old bridge was destroyed by explosive in 1991, I think by Serbians.
2015/08/28 07:44 , Konrad Sus
great Scenerie! Is the horizon exactly Konrad?

greetings Seb
2015/08/28 09:43 , Sebastian Becher
The horizon certainly still has a problem. It rises to the right
2015/08/28 13:17 , Christoph Seger

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Konrad Sus


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