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1 Cape Tenaros = Matapan, 185 km
2 313°
3 Antikythira, 90 km
4 Agria
6 Kythira, 130 km
7 320°
8 Oros Taygetos
9 476
10 N.30290
11 Kolymbari
12 P. Ilias, 2404, 239 km
13 749
14 Fork to Agios Pavlos Rodopou
15 Lakonikos Gulf
17 747
18 Diktynna - N.17494
19 794, 155 km
20 Zovigli, site with WW2 barracks
21 Parnonas 1816, 240 km
22 330°
23 Gulf of Chania
24 Cape Maleas, 149 km
25 Cape Spatha
26 Parnonas, 1934, 258 km
27 Antimilos, 642, 168 km
28 Milos: 751, 157 km
29 Kimolos: 338, 175 km
30 Sifnos, 678, 195 km
31 Folegandros: 296, 168 km
32 Folegandros: 406, 167 km
33 Sikinos, 537, 181 km
34 Antimilos, 642, 168 km
35 Serifos: 528, 212 km
36 Milos: 751, 157 km
37 Kimolos: 338, 175 km
38 Sifnos, 678, 195 km
39 Polyaigos: 314, 172 km
40 Folegandros: 296, 168 km
41 Paros, 770, 220 km
42 Folegandros: 406, 167 km
43 Sikinos, 537, 181 km
44 Naxos: Oros Zeus, 1003, 234 km
45 Ios: Pyrgos 770, 197 km
46 Ios: Ormos Magganari
47 Islet Hristiani, approx 140 km
48 Santorini: Profitis Ilias, 564, 176 km
49 Anafi, 545, 197 km


Location: Pachnes (2453 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Greece      Date: 23-07-2011
After that I scattered some Fernsicht-material across the Testplätze, below N.17653 Martin Kraus proposed "to promote the Fernsichten to a real Platz".
So, here you find the real Platz. Let me explain the three objects juxtaposed:
1) an excerpt from an Einzelbild showing the Peloponnese - object that I found on the disk only thanks to a question posed by Christoph Seger in a commentary to the same pano. The view is opened left by Cape Matapan, the ancient Tenaros once considered the door of the hell, the place where Orpheus descended in search for Euridice. [I guess that, if you do not recognize Orpheus in the picture, this is only because my lenses do not have enough resolution. I will work on this!]. Then, behind the big island of Kythera, you see the surge of Mount Taygetos, the backbone of the whole Mani peninsula, whose culmination, Profitis Ilias, is located at 239 km distance. At the same distance lies Mount Parnonas, which you spot at the right end of the frame, behind the wonderful Cape Maleas, the easternmost of the three "fingers" of Peloponnese. Monemvassia would lie hidden right of this cape;
2) an excerpt of N.17590, another unexpected discovery that I recently made on the disk. The excerpt is focused on the Cyclades, and was shot at evening, when the visibility was optimal in direction Antimilos - Milos, which vaguely resemble Alicudi and Filicudi respectively. Moving right, visibility fades out and I have labelled the islands only up to a certain point;
3) an excerpt of N.17653, showing the Cyclades view at morning. Here the visibilty stretches eastwards to Santorini and even to Anafi, at 197 km. Of my three favourite Cyclades islands, namely Paros, Naxos and Ios, only the latter is to be seen clearly, while the other two appear only as indistinct shadows at 220 and 234 km.

To enhance visibility, I boosted contrast and applied clarity/structure. A light action on the whole of 1, and a stronger action selectively aimed at the background of 2 and 3. Halo avoidance, noise reduction and other very fancy points seemed me totally orthogonal to the scope of a work of this kind.

I have applied basic Himmelsrichtungen by hand to the first picture; for the other two you can refer, more reliably, to the quoted "master" panoramas.

Peloponnese view:

Cyclades view;


Thanks for persisting this documentation and moving it from a private disk to a public one. Cheers, Martin
2015/06/14 17:56 , Martin Kraus
Interesting, thank you. KR Jan.
2015/06/14 21:55 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
I find it interesting, too, and if I am part of the public, it is of public interest. KR Wilfried
2015/06/15 09:48 , Wilfried Malz

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