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1 Modaki, 2225
2 Antimilos, 525, 168 km
3 Milos, 755, 157 km
4 Ornio, 2151
5 Svourikhti, 2356
6 Paros, 770, 220 km
7 Folegandros, 415, 166 km
8 Agio Pneuma, 2254
9 Sikinos, 553, 182 km
10 Naxos, 1003, 234 km
11 Sideroportes
12 Ios, 770, 200 km
13 Mesa Soros, 2345
14 Grias Soros, 2331
15 Santorini, 564, 176 km
16 Soros Askyfou, 2213
18 Cape Korakias
19 (Cysterns of Roussies)
20 Sternes
21 Almiros Gulf
22 Cape Stavros, 107 km
23 Normal route Roussies - Pachnes
24 Kastro, 2218
25 Kakovoli, 2214
26 Psiloritis, 2456
27 Ammoutsera valley
28 Kedros, 1777
29 Siderotas, 1162
30 Vouvala, 947
31 Cape Melisa
32 Mesara Gulf
33 Cape Lithino
34 Troharis, 2410
35 Thodori, 2363


Location: Pachnes (2453 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Greece      Date: 23-07-2011
This is version 2.0 of an old panorama, which I published also here, although you are more likely to hit upon it if you fly with Google Earth over the Pachnes, second mountain of Crete.
You will find a slightly different Ausrichtung - the new one should be more reliable, since now I incorporated in the workflow the systematic control through Udeuschle-inspired horizontal CPs. At the time I did not care about this.
Of course this panorama makes the pair with N.17590. Maybe today I prefer the evening version, since I discovered only now to have it on the disk - I did not even remember to have shot it. This one, on the other hand, is "well known to" me. Moreover, you can have fun with it by searching for Cyclades in the original
Seemingly, I have no photo featuring the Udeuschle-clearly-visible Taygetos (see N.10376) in southern Peloponnese. Let alone the Udeuschle-max-dist which is - 303 km far away - a 1000 m hill in front of Mycenes! Photographing it from the island of the Minoans would indeed a remarkable Fernsicht achievement, namely, with Fernsicht bridging over ancient civilizations.
Incidentally, let me recall that, when the Greek finally conquered Troia, the victory was communicated to Mycenes through a chain of fires successively lighted on seven mountaintops.
The question then becomes: Will we aver see Troia and Mycenes connected by seven linked panoramas? Or maybe less than seven... maybe the reflex-tripod-Udeuschle-equipped man of today can improve on what was done in Ulysses's times!!


Lightening up the shadows gives a big improvement over version 1.0. Up to now, I resisted reworking my old material with current workflow, but you show that this migth be worthwhile. Cheers, Martin
PS: Where did the "Cento anni dopo" go? I only had a very brief look at it and liked it quite much.
2015/05/30 11:49 , Martin Kraus
Martin: actually, I resist as well, as you can see considering that this is only the second 2.0 that I propose.
Oscar Wilde once said "I can resist everything, except temptation"... So, I deduce that actually, for us, producing 2.0 objects is by no means a temptation!
The thought underlying the present reworking was: maybe somebody will compare the evening and morning versions of the Lefka Ori, so let me provide both with the same "boundary conditions", I mean, with the same post-processing style.

Remembering that you appreciated the Cyclades view in the 1.0 version, "specially for you" I loaded on the Testplatz 7449 a contrast+clarity enhanced excerpt in which all the visible islands are labeled. Syntax: red=behind, colon=specific point of some island. Himmelsrichtungen are also correct. As description you find the Udeuschle link.

I removed the "Cento anni dopo" (100 years later) after detecting an absolute silence about it. I put this in connection with some information content that might be classified, in some sense, as "Werbung". Actually, I had just read this word in a recent panorama from Malta, which I am not able to locate in that Gebiet now. I remember that it showed a gorgeous sea. Since I did not perceive any Werbung therein, I figured out that perhaps I do not understand what, in deutschen Landen, is considered as such. Having no time/willingness for deeper inquiries, I chose the most straightforward way, namely, deletion.
Again, specially for you I temporarily loaded picture+text on the APA Testplatz 25711.
These Testplatzed objects will then survive on Panoramio (just google my name), where they are already, together with another Cyclades excerpt, in evening version, with less aggressive manipulation.

Cheers, Alberto.
2015/05/30 18:41 , Pedrotti Alberto
Secondo me, Alberto, tu hai poca pazienza.
2015/05/30 20:54 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Ciao. Se sei in cerca di prodotti della pazienza, guardati (pazientemente!) il link con il dettaglio delle Cicladi, e vedrai quanto paziente lavoro sta nascosto lí dentro!
2015/05/31 00:22 , Pedrotti Alberto
Very special atmosphere - well done. Regards Peter
2015/05/31 13:33 , Peter Brandt
2015/05/31 14:26 , Christian Hönig
It is fun to see all the different Varianten on the test places. Thank you for also putting into the test place the udeuschle link. It gave me the opportunity to widen the view to the west to see the Peloponnes rising over the horizon. It was very interesting to look were the Golf of Nauplia is located and how prominent the other parts of the Spartian homeland rise over the horizon.

Since you only show us views to the east ... did you actually see the mainland? Have you been able to take pictures?

Herzlichst Christoph
2015/05/31 16:01 , Christoph Seger
Christoph: many thanks for your question, which has stimulated an incredible discovery on my disk. Believe it or not, I had never cared about this image before!!
Maybe only because it is a bit blurred.
I published the outcome on my APA Testplatz (25711). At the beginning of the now multivariate description, you can find the Udeuschle reference.
Cheers, Alberto.
2015/05/31 17:35 , Pedrotti Alberto
Thanks for all the additional / special material on the Testplätze. As the Testplatz-juggling is continuing at high frequency, I honestly recommend to promote both the cento anni dopo and the fantastic Fernsichten to a real Platz. Even if the technical qualities of the zoomed views are suboptimal, the displayed views are so remarkable that the various Fernsichtfreunde hiere should appreciate it. Cheers, Martin
2015/05/31 19:52 , Martin Kraus
Very interesting. KR Jan.
2015/05/31 21:57 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
Martin: thanks for your advice. Now I put both objects on place 999900 of the Schlange, die sich gebildet hat. As you may guess, they will emerge very readily (?!) from such Schlange!!
In the case of the Cento Anni (not in the sense of Garcia Marquez), I just need to repost the material, maybe cleaned of the suspected Werbung - consider that actually I am making some Werbung also with the other Cretan subject of the week!
In the other case, I need to wait for some idea. One could be in the style of APA-27707 but this time mixing evening and morning exposures. This would earn me a negative number of Bewertungen by the orthodox, but could be wert as an experiment aimed at the non-orthodox audience - if any!
The other idea is... not to follow your advice at all, and rather to spend again a night in the Pachnes top shelter, in search for more organic material. Actually, hidden in the Fernsicht towards Peloponnese (NB: Einzelbild!) there is an old, unrealized idea of mine: namely, accessing Crete by the Kalamata-Gythio-Kissamos route. This is run by Lane Lines, but there is only one ship a week. I like Lane, like I like every "eccentric" idea: with them I already accessed Crete via Rodos-Karpathos-Kassos-Sitia, and this after having loaded the bicycle on a Turkey to Rodos hydrofoil... Which caused me to sleep near a white church by the sea just one night after having slept near a mosque lost on the Lycian mountains: power of the hydrofoil!
Fernsichtfreunde: I like this concept, as well as that of Fernsichtfreude. However, considering that I discovered only yesterday to own a Crete-to-Mani view, I wonder whether I really belong to the Fernsichtfreundekreis...
Cheers, Alberto.
2015/06/01 11:16 , Pedrotti Alberto
Stunning light!!!

Cheers, Hans-Jörg
2015/06/01 23:15 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle

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