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1 Kedros, 1777
2 Timios Stavros, 2456
4 Koudhouni, 1868
5 Path Agiofarago - Martsalo
6 Afentis Christos, 2141
7 Kofinas, 1231
8 Cape Trachoulas
9 Kali Limenes
10 Martsalo Bay
11 Big ship
12 Megalonisi
13 Cape Trachili
14 Cross


Location: Metamorphosis (388 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Greece      Date: 23-08-2014
The image is taken from the southernmost point of Crete, and shows the sun rising above the Kofinas. (Actually, above the Afentis Christos, but this is visible only in the larger picture, see below).
The standpoint is not far from the Metamorphosis church (, although I prefer the little chapel on top of the promontory ( from where, wiith the arrows, you can explore other photos explaining the Lithino-Martsalo region).
While on the rocks of Cape Lithino, in a straight line you are stunningly close to the crowds of Matala, but actually you feel stunningly far from the world. By chance I met a little group of workers coming from the little mountain village of Pighaidakia: at the beginning of the summer they pump a fair amount of water from the sea onto the lower rocks of the cape, on the side of the lighthouse, not visible here. Then, week after week, working with buckets they spread this water across the natural holes of the rock, where it dries in a few days leaving the purest salt that one can imagine. Hard work for a handful of euros.
The last seaside resort served by a road is Kali Limenes, in front of the islet of Megalonisi. From there I swam all along the visible coast, touching the beachs of Agiofarago and Martsalo. The latter one can be reached by a path in an ambiance reminiscent of Cappadocia, with the Martsalo monastery stunningly carved inside a white cliff, like a church of Göreme of Ürgup. The most spectacular stretch is the one hidden here, with the nearly 400m vertical wall plunging directly into the sea, also with wonderful caves.

11 HF, Canon G1X, 28 mm equiv, f/5.6, 1/200.


Great place. Cheers, Martin
2015/05/23 10:04 , Martin Kraus
Die geheimnisvolle Bucht! Treffend dargestellt!
Gruss Walter
2015/05/23 11:00 , Walter Schmidt
Die Steilwand rechts ist gewaltig! LG Fried
2015/05/23 16:43 , Friedemann Dittrich
Wunderschöne Impression Alberto! LG Seb
2015/05/24 12:31 , Sebastian Becher
2015/05/24 19:45 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Many thanks to everybody!

Friedemann: ja, die Wand ist mächtig.
Ich habe in drei verschiedenen Tagen der ganzen Küste entlang geschwommen - von Kali Limenes bis zur Leuchtturm - und so die Felsen am besten gesehen, aber natürlich ohne Kamera! Sie blieb indessen in einer Höhle, oder woanders, versteckt...
Hier "ahnt" man etwas mehr von jener Wand:
Dort, der hier beschrifteten Dinge, sieht man, von vorne nach hinten: Cape Trachili, Megalonissi, den grossen Schiff und Cape Trachoulas.
Die genaue Süd-Ende von Kreta ist nicht Cape Lithino, sondern Cape Trachili. Es ist wahrscheinlich das Ergebnis eines riesigen Felssturzes aus der Wand unter dem Kreuz. Einen kleineren Felssturz findet man ein wenig W. Beide sind nur aus der See erreichbar.
LG, Alberto.

Giuseppe: tu con la Sicilia, io con Creta, ci siamo messi d'impegno a far vedere le terminazioni!
2015/05/24 20:48 , Pedrotti Alberto

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