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1 Rekawica
2 Zrodlo Milosci - Love Spring
3 Brama Krakowska


Location: Ojcow (400 m)      by: Konrad Sus
Area: Poland      Date: 28.04.2015
Ojcowski Park Narodowy - its the smallest national park in Poland. Its part of Wyzyna Krakowsko - Czestochowska (Cracow-Czestochowa Upland), sometimes its called Jura. This area is builded of jura limestones with karst formatios like mogots, karst valleys and caves.
This panorama showing view from Koronna Gora to part of Pradnik Valley.


I am quite surprised that there is such a mountainous region north of Krakow. KR Wilfried
2015/04/30 18:07 , Wilfried Malz
It`s actually limestone upland. I wrote about it in little description.
2015/04/30 20:03 , Konrad Sus
Is it far from here:
www.panoramio.com/photo/78330237 ??
Do not trust too much the proposed location of my photo... I believe that at the time I set it quite at random!
Greetings, Alberto.
2015/05/02 00:41 , Pedrotti Alberto
You place is about 80 km NW from Ojcow, yes - your panoramio location is wrong - Try to find Zloty Potok (30 km north from Ogrodzieniec - where you located it)
2015/05/02 18:43 , Konrad Sus

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Konrad Sus


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