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1 Capolago
2 Mendrisio
3 Riva San Vitale
4 Monte San Giorgio, 1097m
5 Monte Pravello, 1015m
6 Monte Orsa, 993m
8 Punta di Poiana
9 Brusino Arsizio
10 Porto Ceresio
11 Morcote
12 Bissone
13 Ponte di Melide
14 Campo dei Fiori, 1226m
15 Monte Arbostora, 822m
16 Monte Piambello, 1129m
17 Melide
18 Carona
19 Corno Bianco, 3320m
20 Ponte Tresa
21 Monte Rosa, 4634m
22 Rimpfischhorn, 4199m
23 Alphubel, 4206m
24 Lago Maggiore
25 Dom, 4545m
26 Weissmies, 4023m
27 Monte San Salvatore, 912m
28 Fletschhorn, 3993m
29 Monte Leone, 3553m
30 Finsteraarhorn, 4274m
31 Monte Gradiccioli, 1936m
33 Pizzo di Vogorno, 2442m
34 Monte Bre', 925m
35 Rheinwaldhorn, 3402m
36 Camoghè, 2227m
37 Pizzo di Gino, 2245m


Location: Monte Sighignola (1320 m)      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 28 March 2015
This pano was taken from the so called "Balcone d'Italia" (Balcony of Italy), near Lanzo d'Intelvi. It's a wonderful viewpoint at over 1300m overlooking the valley of Lugano, and entire Lugano lake, the Alps, and it's the last piece of soil of Italy. Under the balcony there is Switzerland already!
6 photos; 24mm (full format); f8; 1/1000 sec.; 100 ISO.


Great scenery. So you are looking from the border of Italy/Switzerland via Switzerland back into Italy:-) But Campione is not seen on the pano right ?(too close). VG HJ
2015/04/01 20:11 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer
The point from where the pano was taken is in Italy, but the flag is the one Switzerland and it is in Switzerland. The border is 2-3 meters away ;-)
Campione is directly below and you can not see in this pano. You can also do a pano with Campione, but for proper alignment there were problems with the Swiss flag ;-)
2015/04/01 20:34 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Photoshoppa via quella bandiera che non c'entra nulla!!
2015/04/01 20:59 , Pedrotti Alberto
A dire il vero, è più Svizzera che Italia ;-)
2015/04/01 21:09 , Giuseppe Marzulli
It is my dream once again with my wife so high above Lake Lugano to stand. But unfortunately ...
So I'm going to show probably also at least a glimpse of the Generoso.
2015/04/01 22:52 , Heinz Höra
Dear Heinz, I like to joke about the silly nationalism of European countries, that led Europe to decline. But Alberto also was joking.
2015/04/01 23:00 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Dear Giuseppe, I only after translated the comment by Alberto understood it as fun and that's why deleted my comment.
2015/04/02 12:15 , Heinz Höra
Great viewpoint, Giuseppe!!! I'm looking to my favorite one "San Salvatore" ;-) ...

Tanti saluti
2015/04/03 21:47 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle

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