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1 Plava (Plave)
2 Zuc dal Bor, 2195m
3 Monte Canin, 2587m
4 Matajur, 1641m
5 Monte Forato (Prestreljenik), 2498m
6 Monte Cergnala, 2344m
7 Monte Rombon, 2208m
8 Cima Crassi (Krasji Vrh), 1773m
9 Monte Vodice, 652m
10 Monte Nero (Krn), 2244m
11 Monte Rosso (Batognica), 2164m
12 Kser, 2086m
13 Monte Santo (Sveta Gora), 681m (pano 17035)
14 Mrzovec, 1407m
15 Monte San Gabriele (Skabrijel), 646m
16 Debeli Hrib, 1178m
17 Nanos (Monte Re), 1313m
18 Osek (Ossecca)
19 Sempas (Sambasso)
20 Monte Auremiano (Vremscica), 1025m
21 Slavnik (Monte Taiano), 1028m (pano 16334)
22 Trstelj, 644m
24 Brajkov Vrh, 445m


Location: Monte Sabotino (609 m)      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Slovenia      Date: 6 March 2015
Monte Sabotino is 609-metre high mountain ridge overlooking Gorizia, on the border between Slovenia and Italy. In this case I do not know if it is more correct to indicate as country Italy or Slovenia. The picture was taken in Italy, a dozen meters from the Slovenian border, but the pano shows especially Slovenia. So I indicated as country the Slovenia. The Monte Sabotino is exceptional in terms of panorama (when there is good visibility). When I was there, there was excellent visibility, but also a very strong wind, which made it hard to take pictures (and even remain standing).
12 photos; 70mm (full format); f6,3; 1/320 sec.; 125 ISO.


Again a magnificent view of Slovenian mountains with very nice light. greetings Fried
2015/03/27 12:23 , Friedemann Dittrich

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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