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2 Castello di Udine, 31Km
3 Monte Clapsavon, 2462m, 93Km
4 Monte Bivera, 2474m; 93Km
5 Monte Valcalda, 1908m
6 Terza Grande, 2586m; 100Km
7 Monte Cuar, 1478m
8 Creton di Clap Grande, 2487m; 98Km
9 Monte Verzegnis, 1914m
10 Monte Cimone, 2422m
11 Monte Creta Forata, 2462m
12 Monte Peralba (Hochweisstein), 2694m; 104Km
13 Abbazia di Rosazzo
14 Monte Creta Verde (Steinwand), 2520m; 102Km
15 Monte Canale, 2536m, 96Km
16 Monte Capolago (Seekopf), 2554m; 96Km
17 Duomo di Cormons
18 Monte Chiampon, 1709m; 53Km
19 Chiesa Sant' Anna
20 Rocca Monte Quarin
21 Monte Plauris, 1958m
22 Castello di Spessa
23 Monte Joanaz, 1167m
24 San Lorenzo Isontino
25 Monte Sart, 2324m
26 Monte Canin, 2587m; 53Km
27 Monte Stol, 1673m
28 Monte Mia, 1237m
29 Monte Forato (Prestreljenik), 2498m
30 Jof Fuart, 2666m; 61Km
31 Bigliana (Biljana)
32 Matajur, 1641m
33 Monte Rombon, 2208m; 53Km
34 Veliki vrh, 1767m
35 Monte Korada, 812m
36 San Martino del Collio (Smartno)
37 Cima Crassi (Krasji Vrh), 1773m
38 Mossa
39 Torre di Gugnazze (Gonjace)
40 Briceljk, 2346m
41 Mangart, 2677m; 62Km
42 Vercoglia di Quisca (Vrhovlje pri Kojskem)
43 Krncica, 2142m
44 Quisca (Kojsko)
45 Chiesa Santa Croce (Sv. Križ)
46 Monte Nero (Krn), 2244m; 43Km
47 Monte Rosso (Batognica), 2164m
48 San Floriano del Collio
49 Triglav, 2864m
50 Vrh nad Skrbino, 2054m; 45Km
51 Monte Jelenk, 787m
52 Lucinico
53 Monte Calvario (Podgora), 241m
54 Obelisco Monte Calvario
55 Tre Croci
56 Monte Sabotino, 609m
57 Caserma
58 Fiume Isonzo
59 Rodica, 1965m; 46Km
60 San Giusto (Gorizia)
61 Monte Santo (Sveta Gora), 681m (pano 17035)


Location: Monte San Michele (275 m)      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 6 March 2015
Friuli is an area of Northeast Italy with some historical and cultural characteristics. Monte San Michele (Mount St. Michael) is only a small hill 275 meters high. But, during the First World War, was an area where it was fought furiously to conquer it. I think that the strategic importance of Monte San Michele is understood looking at the scenery.
Fortunately now it's just a beautiful scenic spot.
In pano you see together the plain of Friuli, the Pre-Alps of Friuli, some mountains on the border with Austria and many Slovenian mountains (and other...).
10 photos; 140 mm (full format); f8; 1/2500; 160 ISO.


Magnificent Giuseppe, and from a region we do not often get to see.
2015/03/11 00:21 , Mentor Depret
Great Scenery. 
2015/03/11 16:00 , Matthias Knapp
a fantastic view!!
2015/03/11 22:52 , Michael Strasser
Il Peralba dall'Isonzo - cose che solo a te riescono!
2015/03/11 23:43 , Pedrotti Alberto
Wonderful mountain landscape. Especially impressive are the Julian Alps.
Saluti Fried
2015/03/13 11:24 , Friedemann Dittrich
Exciting view and great documentation!
LG Jörg
2015/03/14 11:52 , Jörg Nitz
Fantastic view at a lot of "most wanted" mountains! saluti Seb
2015/03/20 17:36 , Sebastian Becher
Belissimo, Giuseppe
2015/03/21 04:30 , Thomas Janeck
Such a busy and peaceful area. 
But my first thought was: The grandfather of one friend of mine had to be here in World War One, the father of another one in World War Two. Is there someday a time to come, we don´t have to think about war?
Saluti Wolfgang
2015/05/08 23:45 , Wolfgang Bremer
Hello Wolfgang. I did not want to say it, but my grandfather (who had my same name) fought on this mountain against the Austrians during the First World War. He was wounded, but survived and died at 95 years.
Who knows, maybe he fought against the grandfather of someone who participates in this website.
I think that the First World War was something truly awful and foolish.
2015/05/09 00:23 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Überraschender Anblick! 
Gruss Walter
2015/05/09 00:35 , Walter Schmidt

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