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1 Monte Scuderi, 1253
2 Etna, 3344, 56 km
3 Militare dei Peloritani
4 Monte Poverello, 1278


Location: Militare dei Peloritani (1020 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Italy      Date: 23-03-2008
Seeing the exotic Fuji, I had the idea to post somewhat else about "our" Etna, here far more relaxed that in my last portrait... The present view is taken from the ridge of the Peloritani, the mountain chain continuing the Appennino beyond the strait of Messina, and carrying it over to Nebrodi and Madonie, coming next. A factor of nearly three divides the isolated giant from its closest competitors which, however, feature nice summits like Monte Scuderi, whose south walls become scenic especially from the underlying valley of Fiumidinisi.
A nice feature of this mountain group it the long ridge track, a former military road, which is for me one of the best cycling/trekking experiences of the whole Mediterranean.
The name comes from Capo Peloro, one of the three vertices of Sicilia, the old Trinacria - namely, "triangular island". How the Etna fits inside the triangle, is better understood from a drawing:
Here, we see the giant Tipheus, bound by chains to the three vertices, vomiting fire trough his mouth at the spot that we know.


Impressive view. You should call it the Mt Blanc of the Mediterranean.
2015/03/03 12:44 , Mentor Depret
Like often it´s easier for me to talk about a panorama, when I know the area. Based on special knowledge of a travel guide I was part of a group, who did a walk from Rocca Novara via Madonna del Aiuto to Limina, lots of years ago. What a bunch of splendid impressions from those almost unknown mountains, crowned by Ätnas glossy summit, like you show it here.
Saluti Wolfgang
2015/03/03 19:08 , Wolfgang Bremer
Much much better than my small recent Panorama Alberto ! I haven't had the chance to show the volcano in a wider environment. Beautiful ! VG HJ
2015/03/03 19:46 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer
Bare mountains at a height of 1200m! In the Alps this would be a heavily forested environment. KR Wilfried
2015/03/04 10:58 , Wilfried Malz
I knew that the back country of Sicily has fasinating aspects, but I never gave this corner a thought. Normally one passes on quickly from Messina down the coast. Cheers, Martin
2015/03/04 19:19 , Martin Kraus
E' un panorama molto interessante ed abbastanza raro. La Sicilia è la regione italiana che conosco meno, ma prima o poi rimedierò.
2015/03/05 00:10 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Fantastic Pano as always Alberto! LG Seb
2015/03/05 16:12 , Sebastian Becher
Wolfgang: I see that you are well introduced to the places. The Rocca di Novara, together with Monte Scuderi, is the best mountain shape of the Peloritani. In front of Novara di Sicilia, on a steep hill-flank, you find Tripi, which you would judge as a group of shepherd's houses, and once was the see of the local bishop... On the other side, in front of Limina there is Savoca, famous for the mummies inside the Cripta dei Cappuccini...

HJBay: your Fuji is indeed more "gegenwärtig" than my Etna here!!

Wilfried: there is an ongoing work of reforestation. For example, not far from here, on the ridge proper, there is a big recent plantation of pine trees. The Militare runs in its middle, and this prevented me from shooting a panorama sweeping from the Etna to the Eolie.
Curiously enough, the nearby Monti Nebrodi are heavily forested. While crossing them from San Fratello to Cesarò, through the Portella Femmina Morta at 1524 metres (with possible ascent to Monte Soro, 1847), you ride 50 km from the Tirreno to the Etna region, but you barely have the occasion to take a shot, because you are deeply inside the woods!

Martin: well, this gives me the idea to draw from the disk a further panorama to invite you to reduce the speed in that stretch...
2015/03/07 12:02 , Pedrotti Alberto

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