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1 El Partal
2 Peinador de la Reina
3 Palacio de los Leones
4 Torre de Comares
5 Santa Maria de la Alhambra
6 (Patio de los Arrayanes)
7 Mexuar
8 Palacio de Carlos V
9 San Pedro y San Pablo
10 Valle del Darro
12 Puerta de las Armas
13 Torre de la Vela


Aufnahmestandort: Mirador San Nicolas (720 m)      Fotografiert von: Pedrotti Alberto
Gebiet: Spain      Datum: 09-03-2007
The idea to post this very old work came to me while listening to the old Spanish song ¿Qu'es de ti, rey de Granada?, celebrating the 1492 Reconquista. The song belongs to the wonderful Cancionero de Palacio, but I will avoid any further detail, confident the interested Betrachter (if any) may find lots of information on the web...
The risk to be banned from the community reaches here its highest peak, since I think that never this site has recorded such a fall of quality - not even in my night Etna shots! Actually, the three Granada shots were taken with a 90 euro Yashica 5030, my very first digital camera.
However, in spite of this, these pixel recall me that magic evening at the Mirador San Nicolas, in the middle of the Albaicín, the old Arabic quarter of Granada.
While on place, however, the music accompanying my imagination was another one, namely, the Adagio from Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez... So, in view of this discrepancy in musical suggestions, for the title I chose a third solution, coming from France - it is well known how Spanish atmospheres are often best described in music by foreigners, as happens for the Sevilla of Mozart, Rossini, Bizet and many others.
If I will not withdraw the work due to loud complaints, I will provide a description, for once not after Udeuschle, but after Wahington Irving, who had the luck to inhabit the palace for several weeks, and from those very rooms he conceived his Tales of the Alhambra. We may imagine him writing down notes while walking between Patio de los Leones, Patio de los Arrayanes and Mirador de Lindaraxa. More precisely, while peering from the Mirador at the mighty walls beyond the valley, I imagined him at a window of the Torre de Comares, observing down the swarming crowds on the Carrera del Darro, as described in one of these pictoresque tales.


Klasse Stimmung Alberto. Es lässt sich auch wunderbar mit 6908 vergleichen (hier mit mehr Tele).
Was mich etwas wundert ist das leichte Abfallen der Gebäudelinie ganz rechts. Das ist evtl. aber auch eine optische Täuschung. VG HJ
02.03.2015 09:13 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer
Penso che l' Alhambra è il posto più bello di tutta la Spagna.
02.03.2015 20:22 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Sehr stimmungsvolles Licht ... !!!

Cheers, Hans-Jörg
05.03.2015 09:44 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
HJBay: ja, die Jahreszeit ist auch dieselbe...
Nur die Qualität vielleicht nicht!
Ja, die Alcazaba scheint nicht so eben, aber die Türme sind OK.

Giuseppe: una volta incontrai un americano che stava concludendo un giro di un mese in Europa, e diceva di aver visto tante belle città, ma la piú caratteristica rimaneva Granada.

HJBäu: ich habe jetzt ein wenig mehr Violett wieder eingefügt... Am Anfang schien es mir schrecklich viel, so hatte ich es reduziert. Dann was aber das Bild nicht gleich der Erinnerung.
VG, Alberto.
07.03.2015 11:19 , Pedrotti Alberto
Alhambra verbinde ich immer mit einem der eindrücklichsten Konzerte von Loreena McKennitt "Night from the Alhambra" ... ein geniales Werk!

... die volle Version

Tanti saluti, Hans-Jörg
07.03.2015 11:41 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
Thank you for the precious reference!
Incidentally, the fact that this artist is Canadian does not contradict my theory about a sort of "musical colonialism" in Spain...
Thinking for a moment, I can single out several other Alhambra-related titles, in the classical piano repertoire:
- Debussy, La Puerta del Vino (not visible here, because it is inside)
- Albéniz, Granada
- Albéniz, El Albaicín (the barrio from where the panorama was shot)
- De Falla, Noches en los jardines de España (the first movement depicts El Generalife, the park beginning at the let side of the pano).

Cheers, Alberto.
16.03.2015 21:03 , Pedrotti Alberto

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Pedrotti Alberto

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