Solved riddle: Italy view from Slovenia   183261
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1 Col Cornier, 1767m; 90Km
2 Monte Colombera, 2066m
3 Cimon di Palantina, 2190m
4 Monte Cavallo, 2251m; 90Km
5 Monte Caulana, 2068m; 90Km
6 Castello di Udine, 33Km
7 Monte Venale, 2212m
8 Monte Teverone, 2345m; 99Km
9 Crep Nudo, 2207m; 96Km
10 Col Nudo, 2471m; 100Km
11 Monte Raut, 2024m; 81Km


Location: Sveta Gora (Monte Santo) (681 m)      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Slovenia      Date: 8 December 2014
The mountains are far about 100 Km from shooting location.
What mountains are? Where is the shooting location?


The cloud formation is exciting and very interesting! But where is the location ... somewhere in Italy ;-)!?!

Tanti saluti, Hans-Jörg
2015/02/14 10:27 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
I can say that the shooting location is in a nation and the mountains in a different nation.
2015/02/14 11:08 , Giuseppe Marzulli
One thing is for sure - you are looking more the less north to south, I assume it is a "early morning" shot; east is to the left. Thank you for the added hint, lets see ...
2015/02/14 13:11 , Christoph Seger
Dear Christoph, your intuition is always great, but, in this case, the pano was taken at sunset and also the orientation is different.
2015/02/14 13:54 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Oho! I thought such interesting clouds are only possible in the morning. But what a relieve - I had troubles to find a descend spot for such sight.
2015/02/14 14:05 , Christoph Seger
Nice clouds and light. LG Fried
2015/02/14 17:41 , Friedemann Dittrich
We are in the Alps and I added the orientation.
2015/02/14 22:34 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Bella questa visione dei monti d'Alpago, poi con Col Nudo e Crep Nudo che sembrano Pania e Pania Secca rispettivamente.
Dove poi ti sei cacciato stavolta, lo sai solo tu (forse dalle parti di Castelmonte? boh).
2015/02/14 23:00 , Pedrotti Alberto
The shooting location is not in Italy.
2015/02/14 23:04 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Adesso in barba ai fair means ho provato con il rendering... Secondo me sei sul San Gabriele.
2015/02/14 23:05 , Pedrotti Alberto
2015/02/14 23:10 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Uffa! Allora sarai sul Monte Santo, ma non tanto piú lontano... Sul Krn o sul Kanjavec la musica comincerebbe a cambiare...
2015/02/14 23:15 , Pedrotti Alberto
I thought you could recognize the Castle of Udine ;-)
2015/02/14 23:18 , Giuseppe Marzulli
I had started searching in a completely different area, apparently without success. Amazing clouds. Cheers, Martin
2015/02/15 12:19 , Martin Kraus
me too ;-)
2015/02/15 12:54 , Christoph Seger
me "three" :-))
2015/02/15 18:38 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
Castello di Udine... con molto senno di poi! Prima penso che guardavamo tutti al profilo delle montagne.
2015/02/19 10:17 , Pedrotti Alberto
What a pity that I didn't see it before. I would have "riddled" with you all - probably without any success. Spectacular view! Regards Peter
2015/02/19 21:26 , Peter Brandt

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