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1 Timesguida-n-Ouanoukrim, 4089
2 Ras-n-Ouanoukrim, 4083
3 Ouanoukrim couloir
4 Tizi-n-Bou-Imrhaz
5 Col de l'Amguird
6 Akioud-n-Bou-Imrhaz, 4030
7 Tizi-n-Afella
8 Amrharas-n-Igliou
9 Afella-n-Ouanoukrim, 4043
10 Tazaghart, 3980
11 3568
12 Clocheton pinnacles
13 Jebel Ouirzane, 3368
14 Biguinoussene, 4002
15 Tadat pinnacle
16 Aguelzim, 3710
17 Tête Aguelzim, 3650


Location: Path to Toubkal (4030 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Morocco      Date: 10-12-2007
These mountains are already represented on this site (see N.1648), but I thought that it was useful to load the picture, since here you can see them in a more wintry version.
I have beautiful memories of this Toubkal ascent. On December 08, landing in Marrakech, for the first time I set foot outside Europe. In the early morning of the following day I was loading the bicycle at one corner of the still deserted Djemaa-El-Fna, which was slowly awakening and preparing to honour for one more day its reputation as «the maddest square in the world». That evening I was already alone and isolated on the mountains, unfolding my sleeping bag outside the Muslim shrine of Sidi Chamharouch, at 2300, halfway between the little village of Imlil and the Toubkal refuge. Next morning - say, 24 hours after leaving Marrakech - I was on top, while in the afternoon I was climbing Timesguida and Ras-n-Ouanoukrim, the leftmost peaks that you see here.
The view here is taken not from the summit, but some dozens of metres below.
For topographical precision, I report that on Hamish Brown, The High Atlas, Cicerone 2012 - widely quoted in the discussion to my best-selling (?!!) N.12604 - one finds several mountains downgraded in height. The ones affected in this picture are:
- Afella, 4043 -> 4015, thus leapfrogged by Akioud;
- Biguinoussene, 4002 -> 3990, thus disappearing from the list of Moroccan 4000s, a destiny in common with Iferouane, towering over the valley of Azib Likemt (see N.16788), and now downgraded 4001 -> 3996.
The source (maybe SRTM ??) for these new data is not quoted.

GPS track:


Faszinierend. Hohe Berge mitten in der Wüste von Nordafrika...

2015/01/31 22:20 , Jörg Engelhardt
See snow in Morocco ....
2015/02/01 20:44 , Giuseppe Marzulli
An amazing view with the sharpness and detail your are showing. The snow is truly decorative - we also had some on our ascent, but it had melted away until we reached the summit. I am only a bit irritated by your level of fitness - around 2800 meters of vertical ascent, above 4000m, with half a day of acclimatisation at 2000m? Cheers, Martin
2015/02/04 19:27 , Martin Kraus
Martin: more than half a day, it was a night... When I reached the Sidi it was already dark, and actually I was greeted by one not-too-gentle shout... This was because in the darkness I had trespassed the signal marking the zone strictly forbidden to non-believers...
As for the metres... consider that, as you park the (probably fully loaded) bicycle, you think, however high or low you are on the mountain: Now the demanding/anstrengend section is over...
Cheers, Alberto.
2015/02/07 23:15 , Pedrotti Alberto

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Pedrotti Alberto

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