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1 Dirextion Tizi-n-Terhaline
2 Direction Tizi-n-Tagharat
3 Assif Tifni gorge
4 Direction Tizi Likemt
5 Azib Likemt
6 Direction Ourika
7 Azib Tamenzift
8 Diretrion Ououraine


Location: Azib Likemt (2600 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Morocco      Date: 13-12-2007
This is the most isolated place of the classical circuit around the Toubkal.
To explain it satisfactorily, it would be actually necessary to describe the whole tour, not without a noticeable risk of boring the Betracher.
Hence, as a shorthand, I propose to the interested people - if any - to have a look at the Google Earth screenshot
I did the circuit clockwise, ant this is indeed the exciting way to get here: after leaving the crowds at the Toubkal refuge, you cross Tizi-n-Ouano among fabulous red rocks, then you reach the Lake Ifni and the lost village of Amsouzert, where you will be very likely to sleep at the gite d'etape of Omar Aitumrar, unless you have been intercepted by his (unique) concurrent Mohammed in a little group of houses below the lake. The next day, you will cross the Tizi-n-Ououraine, 3120 m, where in my screenshot there is the copyright logo. Or, if you are in search for adventure, you will follow my red track, bringing you first to discover the hidden NE side of the Toubkal, then to cross, at nearly 3500 m, Tizi-n-Terhaline and Tizi-n-Tagharat, from where a long descent follows to the high Azib Tifni, 2800 m, where I had a bivouac in my sleeping bag. Last comes the beautiful gorge of the Assif Tifni.
Other easier ways:
- from Tacheddirt through Tizi Likemt, 3500 m;
- from Sidi Chamharouch, halfway to the Toubkal refuge, through the steep Tizi-n-Tagharat [wrongly Terhaline in my screenshot], 3500 m as well;
- from Setti Fatma, the last village of the Ourika valley.

GPS track:


I am currently not planning an adventure trip to Morocco, but following your panoramas and stories is an almost good enough replacement.
2014/12/30 08:54 , Jens Vischer
Bewegende Ansicht! 
Erinnerungen werden wach.
Eine Skitourenwoche (April 1990) durfte ich fünf "4-Tausender" besteigen.
Zwei 4-Tausender davon an einem Tag. Auch den Toubkal, der höchste im Atlas. Es sind dies alles gletscherfreie, "glattgebügelte" Hänge. Die Abfahrten waren meist so um die Vormittagszeit, wenn der knochenharte, von der Nacht her gefrorene Firn, ein wenig aufgeweicht war. Etwas lustvolleres habe ich seitdem nie mehr erlebt.
Die anschliessende Marokko-Rundreise war ebenso faszinierend.
Gruss Walter
2014/12/30 10:18 , Walter Schmidt
Some day I'd still like to do this circuit - maybe not in December, although the snow nicely decorates the barren Atlas. Thanks for this instructive view - as we have discussed, literature for planning is limited in these areas.
I'm however not quite sure about the horizon in this pano - the terrace fields look leaning to the middle on both sides - probably worth checking.
Cheers, Martin
2014/12/30 11:31 , Martin Kraus
Walter: Deine Viertausender sind vermutlich diese:
Hier vielleicht nicht in ganz guten Ski-Bedingungen...
Ich zweifle, ob ich einen so schlecht beschnittenen Pano auf PPH veröffentlichen kann... Vielleicht wird dann der arge Betrachter mich in den Ouanoukrim-Couloir (hoch links, ganz eng und im Schatten) wegwerfen!
Und dieser Couloir ist auch ziemlich steil: hier von unten (nach einer zufälligen Entdeckung und Spätabendbegehung...) gesehen:
Dort will ich auch einmal wieder - nicht aber von den Betrachtern geworfen, sondern freiwillig und mit Skis!
LG, Alberto.

Martin: yes, indeed in this case even more than in other ones I chose a compromise between reality and realizability of the work. The central mountain should indeed be higher, but then I would lack lots of pixels in various sectors of the picture. In other words, to fill intervening holes I would need to introduce local Verzerrungen that would be worse than the chosen global cheating (already checked this)!
On the other hand, look at the Ausrichtung results that I obtained meanwhile in another part of the world:
(Or switch to 115244059 when you get annoyed with topographic precision and with its red superpositions)
2014/12/30 14:53 , Pedrotti Alberto
@danke Alberto 
Meine obige Bemerkung habe ich noch etwas ins Schwärmerische vertieft!
2014/12/30 17:25 , Walter Schmidt
--- Mongolia ... Morocco ... wonderful pictures round about the world!!!

Tanti saluti, Hans-Jörg
2014/12/31 11:59 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle

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