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1 Road to Fouja
2 End of the asphalt
3 Temporary bridge
4 Fork of dreams
5 Road from Sidi Ifni
6 Oued Noun
7 Track to Foum Oued Assaka


Location: Foum Oued Assaka (30 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Morocco      Date: 19-04-2011
One morning I was in Sidi Ifni, the old Spanish protectorate on the Atlantic coast of Marocco, and I went looking for the postal office, famous for still bearing the Spanish inscription "Correo". It was only 1 km from my hotel. Once there, I wondered: Why not go south to the harbour? Is is only a few kilometres away. Once at the harbour, I wondered: "Why not visit Sidi Ouarsik", a shrine 20 km south?
So, after several other "why not" questions, I happened to find myself in the remote place depicted here. I had neither food, nor a single drop of water. So I wondered if, following the track that one sees pointing to the beach, I could find some people and/or provision. For several minutes I walked through what looked as an abandoned place, but later I heard some low voices. Under the shadow of some reeds sat two people with a little child. The girl was more prone to communication. She explained to me that "nous sommes le café de Foum-Oued-Assaka", and that the next time that I passed through the place I could considered to have lunch at their tables. "Well - I answered - to tell all the truth... I does not happen everyday to me to go through Foum-Oued-Assaka... Can I ask you to give me something to eat and drink right today?" There was not much, indeed, but it was indeed welcome! After the essential meal, Hanane prepared for me a map ( depicting the way to trace my steps back through the stunning Fort Bou Jerif. Her paperwork turned out to be simply perfect!
The first fork was little after the half-fallen bridge - find it marked in the image. Had I gone straight, I would have headed to the Plage Blanche, an incredible (find it in Google Earth) 80 km stretch of desert sandy beach, which is sometimes crossed by 4WD, paying particular attention to calculate the timing after the tides. This endless beach ends at the doors of Tan Tan, which is then followed by Tarfaya, Laayoune, the Spanish Sahara, the Tropic... in one word: Africa!! How many dreams I had to leave behind at that fork, while unwillingly turning left.


Truly remote. This seems to be the most southerly panorama of Morocco we have so far. I have experienced this myself - when arriving in Morocco, the perceived location is somewhere between the Mediterranean and the Canaries and thus still close to Europe - only when traveling South or East there suddenly comes the realisation that Africa has been entered and an imaginary border been inadvertently crossed. I had this on the far side of the Erg Chebbi (#11779). Cheers, Martin
2014/12/04 19:50 , Martin Kraus
Unpoco piu di Calda/Colore wäre von Vorteil!!??
Gruss Walter
2014/12/06 09:11 , Walter Schmidt
Martin: but one day I dream to cycle to, or from, Dakhla... This is surely foolish but, adapting a well-known Latin Spruch, "once in life it is reasonable to become insane".
[ Even better if you do this in order to follow your instinct, not in order to please sponsors a.s.o. ... ]

Walter: vielen Dank für die Interesse, ich habe jetzt eine neue Fassung bereitet... Der Unterschied ist minimal, und vielleicht mehr in Grün-Violett als in Rot-Cyan. Alte Fassung auf dem Testplatz.
Die neue Fassung folgt dem originalen Weissabgleich der Kamera. Immer öfter denke ich: Nikon und Canon verstehen mehr als ich, armer Amateur [ und wenn ich dann z.B. auf Alpen Panoramen schaue, denke ich aber auch: Ich bin gar nicht allein... ] , oder als Photoshops Auto-Contrast and Auto-Tone!

P.S.: ich sehe daß die ursprüngliche Panoramio-Ausgabe von 2011 deutlich wärmer war:
2014/12/06 15:04 , Pedrotti Alberto
Morokko is interesting.
2014/12/06 21:20 , Jörg Braukmann

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