Rynek Starego Miasta (Old Town Market Place)   73354
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1 Dekert's Side
2 Bars's Side
3 Zakrzewski's Side


Location: Warsaw      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Poland      Date: 15 July 2013
Warsaw's Old Town Market Place is the center of the Old Town of Warsaw.
It is the true heart of the Old Town, and until the end of the 18th century it was the heart of all of Warsaw. It originated in the late 13th century, at the same time that the city was founded.

A note: I am not sponsored by Carlsberg ;-).


For any case in life an adequate picture where you have been? I'll hope this one will remain a longer time than your last one from Naples. KR Arno
2014/12/01 23:14 , Arno Bruckardt
Thanks Arno, the overview of Naples that you saw will return.
I want to say something about this pano. When I was there, in the square there were at least 1.000 people. Perhaps the panorama is not perfect, but there was no other way to realize it and was impossible for me to return. But this is the most famous square in Warsaw and one of the most famous of all of Poland and I thought I'd show it anyway.
2014/12/02 23:18 , Giuseppe Marzulli
This is worth to be shown because of the agile light and colours. And at the lower edge we can get a little impression of the 1000 people. KR Arno
2014/12/02 23:42 , Arno Bruckardt
I like especially the composition of this picture
2014/12/03 18:05 , Christoph Seger
Also I ;-).
But it was an obligatory choice.
2014/12/06 00:06 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Humor inbegriffen! 
Gruss Walter
2014/12/06 09:41 , Walter Schmidt
What I wanted to write for long time already: 
With the saxon king August der Starke, who was elected as the new polish king in 1697, the similar glamour and italianitá came to Warsaw, which he had established in Dresden. A lot of artists went to the Vistula, among them the well known Bernardo Bellotto called Canaletto, who created a delicious set of city views here, like he did before in Dresden. I´m sure, he would have liked the sky, you could put above the old houses.
But: Which old houses? Every building we see has an age of only a few decades. As a punishment for the two heroic uprisings - uprising in the Warsaw ghetto 1943 and Warsaw uprising 1944 - the city was completely destroyed by german troups, by order of Hitler himself. Tragically the approachment of Red Army could be retarded by german attacks, so they had time enough to tear down house by house, street by street with fire and dynamite. The returning people - when they survived the fightings and sufferings - found only burned ruins and basements filled with ashes.
From 1949 to 1955 the inner core was reconstructed in its original forms. The Canaletto paintings could help a lot hereby. So the lively picture of today is not only the new back won heart of the city. It is a 'nevertheless' and a strong sign to the polish people and even more to the world, which illustrates the first words of the polish national hymn: ''Jeszcze polska nie zginela'' - Poland has not perished yet.

A serious comment, but since I had to work in Poland and since I heard and read about these things, they are always in background for me.
Saluti e grazie Wolfgang
2015/05/09 00:36 , Wolfgang Bremer

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