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1 Road from Yulara
2 Pulari
3 Mutitjulu


Location: Ayers Rock (524 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Australia      Date: 08-06-2011
From a rapid glance to the "fortune" of my last panoramas I realize that the genre Patagonia is rapidly declining, maybe because the Betrachter is tired of a series of invariably blue skies.
So the question becomes: Where to find a deliberately cloudy/rainy scenery... even worse: where to find it within the limited choice of old and/or second-hand works that I had prepared on Google Drive, just in case, from some lost Internet point...
Eureka: I see that the Australian desert offers the rain that the Betrachter so eagerly requires. How could I fail to have this idea before??
You can also check how many U shapes you are able to detect in this Panorama. Have fun, but do not forget your Umbrella - which is not considered a valid U, however!

8 vertical images, Nikon D7000, zoom 16-85, 16 mm (x 1.5), 1/80 sec, f/4.


Ganz außergewöhnliche Perspektive! Man meint der Felsstock bildet hier ein Tal bzw. Schlucht. VG HJ
2014/08/14 21:56 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer
I like Uluru ;-)

Cheers Hans-Jörg
2014/08/15 08:19 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
Alberto als Spezialist für ungewöhnliches Wetter an ausgefallenen Orten - Sonnenschein in Patagonien und Regen in der australischen Wüste - du bist also ein Begnadeter! Ich bin daher schon neugierig, wie sich Süd-Kreta in deinen Fotos präsentieren wird - vermutlich aber zahm :-))
2014/08/15 09:43 , Christoph Seger
Gefällt mir. Meist wird einem die klassische Ansicht präsentiert. Vor 20 Jahren habe ich den Uluru bestiegen und umrundet begleitet von gefühlt 20 Millionen Fliegen.
2014/08/15 10:09 , Horst Muschert
A very special one!
2014/08/16 23:07 , Peter Brandt
2014/08/20 20:56 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Amazing. Firstly, what an amazing variety of countries we are currently being shown here. Secondly, how I have never seen this fascinating rugged perspective of the rock in all the many iconic pictures of this place. Cheers, Martin
2014/09/02 18:16 , Martin Kraus
Thank you for the wide appreciation.
I think that the standardization of pictures is to a large extent due to the existence of devices like «Sunset viewing area» and «Sunrise viewing area».
Since we had neither sunset nor sunrise, I felt free to photograph in arbitrary locations. Incidentally: arbitrary but not too much, since along the walk around Uluru there are also long stretches where taking photos is forbidden, for respect to sites which are sacred for the Aboriginal culture (tjukurpa). The proposed fines are three-zeroes ones.
The gorge that you see in the middle of the U hosts the unique permanent like of the area, called Mutitjulu. It is also sacred for the tjukurpa, because here took place the originary fight between the two snakes Kuniya and Liru.
I will recount a similar ancestral fight between snakes also for the island of Chiloé, lying on the other side of the Pacific, and endowed with a similar weather. Works are in progress and at a very good point: I have already downloaded the photos from the SD card...
2014/09/03 11:29 , Pedrotti Alberto

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Pedrotti Alberto

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