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Location: Berlin      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Germany      Date: 18 July 2014
I know that these kind of pano have poor success ;-).
But, to me, the idea of the Berlin Wall reduced in this way, really like too much.
This is the back of the so-called "East Side Gallery". It is a 1.3 km long section of the Berlin Wall located near the centre of Berlin on Mühlenstraße in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. It is the longest stretch of the Berlin Wall which still exists.


Ho capito: cercavi il panorama a zero stelle (magari per raccontarla agli amici), e arrivo io a fare da guastafeste.
Obiettivo sempre il tuo cavallo di battaglia?
Saluti, Alberto.
2014/07/27 00:32 , Pedrotti Alberto
Not easy to stitch, I presume. Nice detail in the introduction part with the sign "Sie sind am Ziel". KR Arno
2014/07/27 11:19 , Arno Bruckardt
Thanks for the comments. More than anything else, this pano was meant to be a metaphor for the provisional nature of all human things and against the illusion of certain political, economic or military power to believe himself eternal.
Who would have thought 40 or 50 years ago that the Wall would be finished in this way?
Lest die Geschichte und seht
In wilder Flucht die unbesieglichen Heere.
Stürzen unzerstörbare Festungen ein und
Wenn die auslaufende Armada unzählbar war
Die zurückkehrenden Schiffe
Waren zählbar.
Bertold Brecht
2014/07/28 00:09 , Giuseppe Marzulli
I like it very much, it is iconic. What puzzles me are the differences in sharpness ..
2014/08/02 09:33 , Christoph Seger
I changed a bit the sharpness. And thank you for the suggestions.
But I always prefer a pano that gives emotions than a pano technically perfect, but emotionless. I think that photography is art and reduce it to only technique is wrong.
This is not a good excuse for not improving technique :-) .
2014/08/02 13:20 , Giuseppe Marzulli

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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