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1 Maly Lodowy Szczyt
2 Lodowy Zab
3 Posredni Lodowy Kopniak
4 Lodowy Szczyt
5 Posrednia Staw Spiski
6 Sniezny Szczyt
7 Sniezna Przelecz
8 Baranie Rogi
9 Spisska Skrajna Turniczka
10 Spisskie Czuby
11 Durny Szczyt
12 Lomnica


Location: kotlina Piatich Spidskych plies (2000 m)      by: Konrad Sus
Area: Slovakia      Date: 21.09.2011


Did you notice the strange overhanging rock "attached" to the Durny Stit wall?
I have a poor photo, but with the sun you see it better:
The pano is very beautiful, I only miss the right end of the lake, which should be not far.
(Even the beer of the Chata should be not far behind, if I remember correctly)
2014/06/14 17:16 , Pedrotti Alberto
I didn`t know about this rock, now I noticed it. Thanks.
As you see, I didn`t do more photos to right side - the reason was straight light of sun. About hut - you`re right. This panorama was made from 2 series of photos - upper part and lower part - because summits were too close.
2014/06/14 18:37 , Konrad Sus
Yes, it is big, but indeed not huge. When I was at the lake it was probably magnified by particular lighting conditions. Here you appreciate better it real size:
Greetings, Alberto.
2014/06/14 18:52 , Pedrotti Alberto

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Konrad Sus


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