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1 Mnichy Chocholowskie
2 Kominiarski Wierch
3 Ornak
4 Ropa
5 Lopata
6 Wolowiec
7 Rakon


Location: Polana Chocholowska (1100 m)      by: Konrad Sus
Area: Poland      Date: 25.04.2005


Such a nice place! 
But it seems to me, there are differences in brightness between your single captures, espacially to see in the green of the lovely meadows.
Sorry for not writing in polish - i miss too much words...
Greetings Wolfgang
2014/06/08 23:39 , Wolfgang Bremer
The clouds are much better than in your preceding panos. The brightness differences on the meadows do not seem too unnatural to me, depending on the shadows of the wandering clouds. KR Wilfried
2014/06/09 11:22 , Wilfried Malz

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Konrad Sus


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