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Location: qasr el yahud      by: Benny Gross
Area: Israel      Date: 5/30/14
Qasr el Yahud or Kasser Al Yahud (Arabic language: قصر اليهود‎, lit. the Castle of the Jews) is a baptism site in the Jordan River Valley in the West Bank. It is the traditional spot where the New Testament narrative of the baptism of Jesus took place (Matthew 3:13-17). According to tradition, it is also the place where the Israelites crossed over the Jordan River and Elijah the Prophet ascended to heaven.[1]

The site includes marble steps that descend into the Jordan River as well as ruins of Byzantine and Crusader churches. It reopened in 2010 after being closed for 44 years. The restoration project was approved before the millennium celebrations but was delayed due to the Intifada and flooding in the region in 2003.[1] It is administered by the Israeli Civil Administration and the Israeli Ministry of Tourism. (wikipedia)


Hi Benny - thanks for showing this great place. But is it really in the Jordan valley? I remember having been there in 1987 and it is east of Jericho on the old way up to Jerusalem. Cheers, Martin
2014/06/05 20:05 , Martin Kraus

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