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1 Hawran
2 Muran
3 Jagniecy Szczyt
4 Baranie Rogi
5 Lodowy Szczyt
6 Nosal
7 Wielka Koszysta
8 Granaty
9 Wielka Krokiew (Ski Jump)
10 Kozi Wierch
11 Koscielec
12 Swinica
13 Posrednia Turnia
14 Kasprowy Wierch
15 Suche Czuby
16 Giewont (Sleeping Knight)
17 Czerwone Wierchy
18 Starorobocianski Wierch
19 Kominiarski Wierch


Location: Zakopane (1126 m)      by: Konrad Sus
Area: Poland      Date: 20.05.2014
Gubalowka is a very popular sight point to Tatry, situated above Zakopane Resort. During touristic season its a very crowded place. To get to top - we can go by foot or taking cable car. There are many shops, restaurants, but in my opinion, very expensive and not too good quality. Better search something down - in Zakopane.


Konrad Sus


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