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1 Fleves Island
2 Mount Oros (Aegina Island), 531m
3 Aegina Island
4 Bay of Zea (Pasalimani)
5 Olympiakos Stadium
6 Kastella
7 Piraeus Tower
8 Port of Piraeus
9 Salamis Island
10 Mavrovouni (Salamis Island), 375m
11 Keratsini (Merchantile Port)
12 Mount Geraneia, 1351m
13 Mount Egaleo, 469m


Aufnahmestandort: Athens (Mouseion Hill)      Fotografiert von: Giuseppe Marzulli
Gebiet: Greece      Datum: May 2014
Piraeus is the port of Athens. Piraeus has a long recorded history, dating to ancient Greece. Now it is the chief port in Greece and the largest passenger port in Europe.
Piraeus is far from Mouseion Hill more than 8 Km.


Amazing with a fulminant flood light from above the mount. KR Arno
16.05.2014 21:27 , Arno Bruckardt
Like always, well documented, thanks so much.
17.05.2014 00:35 , Mentor Depret
Scusa, ho digitato per errore tre stelle e non riesco a correggerlo. È bellissimo!
17.05.2014 06:43 , Beatrice Zanon
Wow, perfect moment!
17.05.2014 10:19 , Jens Vischer
Do not worry Beatrice.
17.05.2014 14:01 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Great work, Giuseppe - and a wonderful burning sky!!

Tanti saluti, Hans-Jörg
17.05.2014 14:13 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
The Sea and the sea of houses, both presented in a very nice transition. Appears to be one of the few days with clear visibility. But it is early enough in the season. VG. HJ.
17.05.2014 15:37 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer
Was für ein Licht und Häuser wie Sand...
17.05.2014 20:39 , Christian Hönig
Molto suggestivo 
e per me la tua stupenda veduta. Ma questa cittá purtroppo non mi piace. Ho soltanto l´impressione di un deserto di pietra.
Saluti Wolfgang
17.05.2014 22:22 , Wolfgang Bremer
@Wolfgang: grazie per il commento e complimenti per l' ottimo italiano. Io penso che tu hai ragione, ma solo in parte. Atene è una città che ha 4 milioni di abitanti, è troppo grande per una nazione come la Grecia, è cresciuta molto disordinatamente ed è molto caotica.
Però il centro storico è molto piacevole e la zona intorno all' Acropoli è straordinaria. Chi conosce la storia antica non può non subire il fascino di Atene.
@Wolfgang: Thanks for the comment and compliments for the very good Italian. I think you're right, but only partly. Athens is a city that has 4 million inhabitants, it is too large for a country like Greece, has grown wildly and is very chaotic.
However, the old town is very nice and the area around the Acropolis is extraordinary. Those who know the ancient history is always fascinated by Athens.
18.05.2014 00:38 , Giuseppe Marzulli
When flying over Athens a couple of weeks ago I did not know where to point my camera to - such astonishing is the size of this agglomeration. Very well put into scene, you are a master of such views.
Herzlichst Christoph
18.05.2014 10:48 , Christoph Seger
Very impressive view. Cheers, Martin
18.05.2014 11:10 , Martin Kraus
Non ho ricordi molto suggestivi dei miei passaggi in bici per Atene, ma la foto e' bellissima.
19.05.2014 01:51 , Pedrotti Alberto

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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