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1 Visitor
2 Vezirova Brada
3 Plavsko Jezero
4 Guri i Kuq
5 Crni Krs
6 Maja e Rops
7 Djeravica
8 Podgoje
9 Ocnijak
10 Karanfili Ljuljasevica
11 Kolata
12 Gvozdeni vrch
13 Severni Karanfili
14 Volusnica
15 Velki Karanfili
16 Juznji Vrch
17 Maja Scokistes
18 Maja Fortit
19 Maja Vukoces
20 Maja Elat
21 Maja Vojusa
22 Maja Preht
23 Maja Lagovjet
24 Maja Nigvacit
25 Maja Shnikut
26 Mali i Makillaqit
27 Kapa e Brojes
28 Talianka
29 Berisdol
30 Mirdzi
31 Skala od Rikavca
32 Maja e Golishit
33 Zijevo
34 Surdup
35 Maglic
36 Planicica
37 Rogamski vrch
38 Kom Kucki
39 Trojan
40 Popadija
41 Ilijna Glava


Location: Talianka (2020 m)      by: Konrad Sus
Area: Serbia And Montenegro      Date: 12.07.2012
Panorama made by 12 vertical photos - from summit - for now I`m not sure about name - maps from area are not too detailed, I think its Popadija, but Montenegrin shepherd - met at ridge told me - that`s peak called Talianka, and all area is called Popadija. Trail to these summits is very easy, but we must be careful - because there`s almost no signs at the path and easy to lost the correct way. Begins in beautiful Grbaja valley. Second danger are vipers. Luckily I don`t met any. Through the ridge of Popadija goes border Montenegro/Albania. Unfortunately, to pass to Albanian side, is necessary report it in Montenegrin Police and take special permission.


Dze,kuje dla pie,kny widok! 
Moz´na tutaj w Niemczech prawie nigdy nie zobaczyc´ nic z tego terenu. Przykro mi, ze nie umiem pisac´ wie,cej po polsku.
Wszystkiego dobrego Wolfgang
2014/05/09 00:37 , Wolfgang Bremer
Nice try with Polish language. I understand everything.
About picture - its one of the last wild area in Europe.
2014/05/09 07:55 , Konrad Sus
Glad to see something pure like this, it should be kept intact forever.
2014/05/09 11:46 , Mentor Depret
For me the Pano is a strong four stars Pano - but i would love to read a description! greetz Seb
2014/05/09 16:09 , Sebastian Becher
I agree, this is a great picture that deserves a nice description.
2014/05/09 17:05 , Jens Vischer
Ok, I will write some description. The problem with description - my English is very poor , I try do my best.
2014/05/09 17:35 , Konrad Sus

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Konrad Sus


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