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1 Karanfil Ljuljasevica
2 Ocnijak
3 Maja Briaset
4 Maja Popluks
5 Trojan
6 Velki Karanfil
7 Maja Jezerce
8 Ropojanska Vrata
9 Maja Fortit
10 Maja Scokista
11 Maja Elat
12 Maja Rosit
13 Maja Vojusa
14 Maja Vukoces
15 Maja Lagojvet
16 Maja Shkurt
17 Maja Koprishtit
18 Maja Prozmit
19 Maja Shnikut
20 Berisdol
21 Maja e visens
22 Maja e Reskulit
23 Maja Radohimes
24 Mirdzi
25 Maja Tat


Location: Kom Vasojevicki (2400 m)      by: Konrad Sus
Area: Serbia And Montenegro      Date: 9.07.2012
Panorama photographed from ascent to Kom Vasojevicki (Komovi Mts), distance about 30 km. Most of Prokletije are in Albania, only a few valleys are in Montenegro (for example: Grbaja with Karanifili Peaks and Ropojana). Its very difficult to label summits, because available maps are not too accurate and many peaks even hasn`t names. My technique was: searching peaks on maps, comparing with photos from web.


A stunning document, which surely puts this summit in the top ten of my todo-list.
Moreover, it makes me wonder one more time if it is possible to perform a traverse between Maja Rosit and Maja Jezerces following more ore less the watershed, much unlike .
Thank you for this work!
2014/04/05 03:42 , Pedrotti Alberto
I don`t know why, but these mountains has something magic for me, Alps are more beautiful, but Prokletije has something....
To find names of peaks is very hard work, udeuschle or peakfinder are not too helpful, I`m using maps and compare with photos, but I`m not sure to every label, especially at right side. Some of summit even hasn`t names.
2014/04/05 07:56 , Konrad Sus
From so far away I cannot contribute that much; only I believe to recognize the two heads of Maja Popluks little right of the Briaset:
I think that when we will meet for our famous beer we will speak a lot of Prokletije...
Cheers, Alberto.
2014/04/05 15:07 , Pedrotti Alberto
Really interesting viewpoint! But with a little description it would be better!

greetings Seb
2014/04/09 16:18 , Sebastian Becher

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Konrad Sus


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