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1 Kamionna
2 Ostryz
3 Rosulec
4 Krasowka
5 Ptasznik
6 Brzanka


Location: Falkowa (390 m)      by: Projekt Klasa2b
Area: Poland      Date: 13.10.2013


Schöne Herbstlandschaft, auch der Bildaufbau mit dem dominanten Acker (gute Schärfe) im Vordergrund gefällt mir. Ein paar Übergänge sind zu sehen und der Horizont könnte besser sein.
LG Fried
2014/02/21 20:58 , Friedemann Dittrich
Dear Konrad

thank you for explaining the project to me (us).

I think your pupils are doing very well both in exploring good viewpoints and also in processing all the pictures in one panorama. If I interpret "klass 2B" correctly, your are teaching teens of the agegroup 11-13 years?

Give my greetings to them !

Kind regards Christoph
2014/02/21 22:42 , Christoph Seger
Greetings Klasa2b, keep up the momentum, you are doing a great job !
My Backyard is a nice heading and in a certain sense also very personal. ... and thanks to your teacher for initiating such an inspiring project.
2014/02/22 04:40 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer
Re for Christoph 
Quick info about educational system in Poland.
Primary school - 6 classes + class 0 - age: 6-13
Secondary school - gimnazjum - 3 classes - 14 - 16
Thats mean - class 2nd - 15 years old.
Thanks for comments. My pupils will be very happy about it.
2014/02/22 06:59 , Konrad Sus
An excellent project, Konrad! 4 points as an encouragement for further panoramas - greetings to school class 2b, Hans-Jörg
2014/02/23 12:07 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle

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