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1 Magura Malastowska
2 Jelenia Gora
3 Maslana Gora
4 Zielona Gora
5 Sucha Homola
6 Chelm
7 Kiczera Wielka
8 Harniakow Wierch
9 Hlocza
10 Modynianka
11 Ubocz
12 Jaworze


Location: Brusnik (400 m)      by: Projekt Klasa2b
Area: Poland      Date: 14.10.2013


What is project about ?
2014/02/21 19:31 , Christoph Seger
I will answer instead my pupils. Maybe they`re too shy or not too good in English (even worst than my). This is an educational project under name "View points in our community". I`m teacher and every year we must propose topic of our teaching subject. This year two groups of pupils choose my topic. Students have to look around viewpoints, perform panoramas and mark them. So now, they finishing works and publish the results.
2014/02/21 20:29 , Konrad Sus
Greetings and same thoughts for this pano. Does the heading mean you are still uncertain about the quality. No worries. Nice work !
2014/02/22 04:44 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer

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Projekt Klasa2b

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