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1 Planinica - 2330 m
2 Bezimeni Vrh - 2487 m
3 Bobotov Kuk - 2522m
4 Djevojka (Soa) - 2440 m
5 Sljeme - 2455 m
6 Zupci - 2309 m
7 Bandijerna - 2440 m
8 Sareni Pasovi - 2248 m
9 Surdup - 2279 m
10 Uvita Greda - 2199 m
11 Ranisava - 2084
12 Sedlena Greda - 2227 m
13 Lojanik - 2091 m
14 Prutas - 2393 m


Location: Prutas (2393 m)      by: Konrad Sus
Area: Serbia And Montenegro      Date: 9.07.2012
First day in Durmitor Mountains, after 16 hours of driving, accomoation in Ivan - Do - camp - Zablijak. Then driving through Pass - Sedlo - narrow road to Trsa. Searching for signed trail to Prutas - unsuccessfully. Going straight to summit from highest pass, next to Prutas. Carefully steps - danger of vipers. Alone at the top, after some photos - laying on grass and sleepping. But only a while, because some teasing flies are coming. For me - most interesting - watching at unusual limestone layers at Sareni Pasovi.


Coming from Trsa, well before the Sedlo I remember another little saddle... guess that the way to Prutas starts there, is it correct? It rained in that moment, and I did not have a very clear topographical insight.
P.S.: now I have been cycling/walking for some 15 days in the Paine park, roughly 200 kms only by foot, and I have seen (and photographed) wonders. But how many times I thought: After all, Durmitor and Prokletije of last summer were no less than this...
Greetings, Alberto.
2014/02/02 14:43 , Pedrotti Alberto
From summit of Prustas I saw, that the trail begins a little lower, some distance from place, where I started.
Paine - You mean Torres del Paine in Andes. Lucky You. From photos - for me its one of most beauty mountain landscape in the world.
2014/02/02 16:40 , Konrad Sus
To ascend to Bobotov Kuk, I took a very anti-explorative approach, parking the bicycle and walking according to a track that I had downloaded at home from Wikiloc to my Garmin. Unfortunately, I see that also GPS tracks tend to cluster dully and stupidly as everything else on the web, such we today I find a dozen of Bobotovs and not even one Prutas!
Greetings, Alberto.
2014/02/03 14:58 , Pedrotti Alberto
A nice place for a rest. Well done, Konrad.
2014/02/04 00:31 , Matthias Stoffels
Great looks a little bit like Julian Alps or Steiner Alps!
2014/02/04 14:53 , Sebastian Becher

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Konrad Sus


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