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1 Maja e Rops - 2502 m
2 Djeravica - 2656 m
4 Podgoje - 2119 m
5 Ocnijak - 2185 m
6 Volusnica - 1879 m
7 Kolata - 2528 m
8 Karanfil Ljuljasevica - 2290 m
9 Gvozdeni vrh
10 Severni Karanfil - 2460 m
11 Velki Karanfil - 2490 m
12 Juznji Karanfil - 2441 m
13 Ropojanska Vrata
14 Maja Scokistes - 2396 m
15 Maja Fortit - 2340 m
17 Maja Vukoces - 2450 m
18 Maja Ellat - 2275 m
19 Maja Peje
20 Maja Vojusa - 2210 m
21 Maja Preht - 2466 m
22 Maja Lagovjet - 2466 m
23 Popadija - 2057 m
24 Maja Nigvacit - 2412 m
26 Maja Shnikut - 2554 m
27 Kapa e Brojes - 1981 m
28 Berisdol - 1981 m
29 Mridzi - 1953 m
30 Golisit - 2023 m
31 Surdup


Aufnahmestandort: Popadija (2057 m)      Fotografiert von: Konrad Sus
Gebiet: Albania      Datum: 10.07.2012
Hot summer day at ridge of Popadija. Its very good sight point to western part of Prokletije (Damned Mountains). Popadija is two summit mount with the same elevation, located at border Montenegro/Albania. In my opinion, nicest view is to Karanfili (Karanfili means cloves) range above beautiful Grbaja Valley.
Its not easy to find trail. Great feeling, when you are alone and everywhere around are unknown mountains.


Very nice view at this borderline of the two countries. Technically I like it much. Crisp sharpness without excessive tonal value changes leaves (makes) it pretty natural. VG HJ.
25.01.2014 21:56 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer
Thanks. As you notices, this photo is almost no - edited. When I tried to darkening the sky, colors were too blue for me. I let them, like it is. Problem was with sun on right side.
BTW -Today I discovered udeuschle, I didn`t know, that is exist site like this. But in Albania - Montenegro there`s so much errors. I must to be careful in labeling of summits.
25.01.2014 22:15 , Konrad Sus
A really good pano. I like the natural colors and perfect sharpness - no need at all for editing. Thanks for labelling all the peaks - it would be really interesting if you could also tell something about the area and your technique in the "Description". Cheers, Martin
25.01.2014 22:50 , Martin Kraus
Well labeled and preseted landscape. It would be interesting if you add some elevation and orientation. IMHO the horizon is correct here.
25.01.2014 22:53 , Jörg Braukmann
Horizon, colours and sharpness are really very good! I agree with Jörg Braukmann. Some elevations would be fine.
LG Jörg
26.01.2014 11:25 , Jörg Nitz
Until now, I described the panoramas of my knowledge and maps. Now, it will be easier to me.
26.01.2014 13:31 , Konrad Sus
Wonderful Konrad, i like this view!!! Kind regards, Hans-Jörg
26.01.2014 22:07 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
Beautiful landscape, the grassmountains in the foreground are similar to those in the Allgäu. LG Fried
26.01.2014 23:15 , Friedemann Dittrich
27.01.2014 17:09 , Sebastian Becher
nice panorama Konrad. Btw you can improve the results by registering on You can create or update important land marks in the map client on this site. retrieves all nonalpine summit infos (name, elevation) from this domain.
Kind regards, Matthias.
29.01.2014 23:49 , Matthias Stoffels
A wonderful bucholic place with a harsh background!
Pleased to know that the Prokletije topography remains a challenge even for you, even if you seem to be very well informed on the subject.
My personal difficulties are explained in detail in 13825 and 14133.
In the description of the latter you find also a link to a Panoramio work dedicated to the exploitation of the puzzling imprecisions of Udeuschle in well-delimited places of this border region, the Karanfili being the most outstanding victim.
Throughout the comments to the Prokletije panoramas you also find precious contributions by Heinz H. about sharing knowledge of topographical names.
Greetings, Alberto.
02.02.2014 15:00 , Pedrotti Alberto
Yes, I wrote about problems of description below your panoramas. My knowledge about summits is thanks to summitpost friends and from maps.
I have a little correction of Your panorama - Maja Karanfili.
02.02.2014 16:47 , Konrad Sus
Yes, it is enjoyable for me to compare the Karanfili seen from two opposite sides.
A question: Did I understand well if I say that the pass in direction NW is the Qafa Perdolec, with Lepushë hidden a bit underneath, such that the background in is precisely your mountain?
Greetings, Alberto.
03.02.2014 16:09 , Pedrotti Alberto
I think it is, Popadija is two summits mount - like on Your picture. On of summit - I think to left at photo - named Talianka. I not sure about information, because i have it from local shepherd, I met at border.
06.02.2014 10:15 , Konrad Sus

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