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1 Torre dell'Orologio
2 Colonna di Orlando
3 San Biagio
4 Madam
6 Domenicani
7 Girl


Location: Dubrovnik      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Croatia      Date: 31-08-2013
In my previous panorama I wrote of the Balcanic queue which worries me.
In that case, I found a way out by seeking elsewhere.
But now I have a new idea: why not to look - always staying away from the challenging queue - for rejected Balcanic photos?
Here is one, which I had not judged suitable for PPH.
I can already see the Bewerter hurrying to grab the zero-stars button, but: please, wait a moment. I know, you are focusing on the red Madam who treacherously occupied the scene while I was turning around. Yes, she actually invites to the 0 stars, but now look at the Girl holding a menu short behind, on the right... For me, she is well worth 4 stars - check this also on www.panoramio.com/photo/97821016 although unfortunately she had turned meanwhile.
Making a weighted average, and estimating the "weight" of the Madam, although horribly cut, to be three times that of the Girl, this yields 1 star (proposed rating).
Of course, if the image and/or its even worse description are not considered suitable for the site, I will remove the whole - no problem, the photo remains on Panoramio.
I spare me the labeling work meanwhile.


I can not see zero stars anywhere in this great picture. It is very hard to do panoramic views of crowded places like this one (e.g. one of the reasons why I will not show Pienza pictures from my last trip...). I think you did well, "removing" the red lady by pixel replacement would have been hadly possible, waiting for her to move on also, this would have meant to much movement in onward rushing crowd .... and so on and so forth.
Herzlichst Christoph
PS: why rating **** here and less or not on other crowded pictures? Quality and overall apperance counts for me and makes the difference.
2013/10/16 07:23 , Christoph Seger
Girl beats Madam, worth four stars!
2013/10/16 08:51 , Jens Vischer
Only the red person disturbs something and I feel as drunk ;-)
But I like it very!

Best regards,

2013/10/16 23:22 , Christian Hönig
I think, crowded places are in every way allways a big challenge.
2013/10/19 19:42 , Werner Schelberger

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Pedrotti Alberto

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