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1 Koscielec
2 Pasmo Lubania
3 Zolta Turnia
4 Pieniny - Trzy Korony
5 Beskid Sadecki - Pasmo Radziejowej
6 Wielka Koszysta
7 Granaty
8 Havran
9 Zdziarska Vidla
10 Hlupy Vrch
11 Jahnaci stis
12 Kolovy stit
13 Kozi Wierch
14 Ladovy stit
15 Prostredny Hrot
16 Javorovy stit
17 Opalony Wierch
18 Svistovy stit
19 Mlynar
20 Slavkovksy stit
21 Bradavica
22 Miedziane
23 Gerlach
24 Nizne Rysy
25 Rysy
26 Vysoka
27 Koncista
28 Mieguszowiecki Szczyt Wielki
29 Cubryna
30 Szpiglasowy Szczyt
31 Koprovsky stit
32 Satan
33 Liptowskie Mury
34 Strbski Stit
35 Hruby vrch
36 Gladki Wierch
37 Krivan


Location: Swinica (2301 m)      by: Konrad Sus
Area: Poland      Date: 26.08.2005


Gefällt mir sehr gut!!!
2013/10/10 22:45 , Rainer Ulm
I also like it, but it needs to be tilted slightly down in the left side. Focus on the clouds to the left and the lake to right.

A really under-panoramised corner of Europe! LG Jan.
2013/10/10 23:14 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
Trotz des nicht exakten Horizonts freue ich mich über diesen schönen Tatrablick. LG Fried
2013/10/11 06:07 , Friedemann Dittrich
Mich interessiert dieses Panorama auch, da ich schon öfter in der Hohen Tatra war und vieles sehr gut kenne. Deshalb habe ich auch gleich mal die beiden Seen bezeichnet.
Aber das Panorama hat gravierende Mängel, die Jan teilweise schon genannt hat.
Dafür 4 Sterne zu vergeben, ist nicht angebracht. Da genügen doch anerkennende Worte. Es muß doch einen Mindest-Unterschied zu wirklich guten Panoramen geben.
2013/10/11 11:33 , Heinz Höra
Wonderful; now I have spent a very long time observing/studying this picture... Some issues about the description:
- I was wondering whether the Lomnicky Stit is visible. Comparing the shape that it takes on from the Ladovy ( www.panoramio.com/photo/91998229 ), I got convinced that it should appear also here, little left of the Ladovy itself;
- I was also wondering what is the summit right of the Vysoka. At first I had thought it was the little Kopky, but due to it size it could actually be the Koncista behind. Never had the pleasure to see this Koncista in the reality, due to persistent mist, but according to the map it should indeed exist!
- I read in my Tatra diaries that on day, between Rysy and Miedziane, I ascended the Hruby Stit. Seeing where you place it, this would hardly be possible. Now I found a solution: On my map both "your" Hruby and "your" Spyglasow are called "Hruby", while the name "Spyglasow" applies only to the saddle between the spurious summit and Miedziane. Just for information - namely, here an error on the map (Bratislava, 1983) seems the most probable solution.
Finally, the "huge" problem stars / no stars:
- if the work receives a lot of stars, the danger is that the photographer rushes for a beer with his friends instead of correcting the problems;
- if the work receives few stars, the danger is that one day the casual surfer, maybe looking for "interesting" views from Poland, finds a maybe "technically perfect" (provided this definition means anything) panorama taken maybe from the top of a chimney in Katowice, rather than this one. Maybe he then asks us: Hey people, really everything OK with you??
I tried to estimate the impact of both problems *in this particular case*, and I made my choice accordingly...
2013/10/11 14:36 , Pedrotti Alberto
Alberto, das sind eben die Unterschiede zwischen den Völkern und Staaten. Bei den Slowaken heißt dieser Berg, der ja genau auf der Grenze liegt Hrubý stit und bei den Polen heißt er Szpiglasovy wierch (polnische Karte, Warszawa 1966; man kann hier leider nicht die spezifischen Buchstaben schreiben). Bei der Swinica ist der Unterschied minimal - Svinica. Wenn wir erst noch die ungarischen Namen hätten oder die der Zipser Deutschen, würde es noch bunter. Zu Zeiten der k.u.k.-Monarchie hieß die Rysy auch Meeraugspitze und der Czarny Staw Meerauge, während das Morskie Oko Fischsee hieß. Der Gerlach hieß damals natürlich Franz-Joseph-Spitze - derer gibt es ja noch mehr - und ab 1949 bis 1959 hieß er Stalinspitze.
Rechts von der Vysoka scheint tatsächlich die Koncista hervorzuschauen. Die Koncista kann man doch von der Straßenbahn aus als großen Rücken sehen. Da muß aber sehr viel Nebel gewesen sein, wenn Du sie nicht gesehen hast.
Deine Argumente für die Vergabe von 4 Sternen sind in solchen Fällen überlegenswert.
2013/10/11 18:16 , Heinz Höra
Alberto - Maybe Lomnica is visible, but photo is in too low resolution. Abut names of peaks, many peaks in Tatras have 2 names - Polish and Slovakian, I can`t type names correctly, because in Polish languae we have spacial letters, that not visible in this site for example ś you see strange signs, but i typed letter s with with comma above.
2013/10/11 18:48 , Konrad Sus
Alberto, great fun to read your text!
Let's have a beer on top of a chimney in Katowice.
2013/10/12 14:20 , Arne Rönsch
Dear Konrad 
Having a beer with you is certainly worth while and I like it very much that you are now also active at pp - BUT ... with his beautiful view I also would cheer a lot if the horizon problem could be solved or at least minimized.
Kind regards Christoph
2013/10/12 15:33 , Christoph Seger
Actually this panorama was my first at pp, and its my first ever made panorama, As you see, photo was taken in year 2005 by poor camera 3 MP Mercury, some chinese shit. Also I dont do anything with this photos in photo editor, except stitching.
Thanks for all comments,
2013/10/12 21:01 , Konrad Sus
Heinz: Danke für die Informationen!
Der Nebel war so: picasaweb.google.com/albertopedrotti/TatraGlockner#5202458897953574722

Arne: that will be a memorable event indeed! It will be recorded as "the chimney beer", and the chimney since that moment will take on the name of "the Beer Chimney". Is it late to concatenate that beer and the other one of N.13733 in a single bicycle tour?

Konrad: the problem has nothing to do with megapixels and/or China (but I found some Japan on the Gerlach instead: www.panoramio.com/photo/97611987). Simply, the Krivan is too low with respect to the other mountains. Knowing how much the Slowak people like their Krivan, this could cause some unrest. Thus, the problem can be tagged as a political one indeed.
In five minutes you can reopen the stitcher, manually set two horizontal control points, say one Krivan-Rysy and the other Rysy-Ladovy and 90% the job should be done... It is like asking: please, set these three summits at the same level. Actually, the Ladovy is higher (as I learnt with disappointment when discovering if from what I believed to be the Ladovy, while it was only the Mali Ladovy), but it is also more distant...
Then, if you have one sixth minute, you open the panorama and, in case you find, say, "Curves" with some Auto button, this might work wonders for you, even before the minute is over. If it works disasters instead of wonders, you leave things untouched - but at least the political problem has been fixed.
2013/10/13 00:37 , Pedrotti Alberto
Hi Konrad 
I have to agree COMPLETELY with Alberto. I do go a step further and do think that your answer holds the key to improve a lot of your pictures - also on ap. It can frequently happen - to all of us and for different reasons - that the stitcher does not get the horizon straight. Hence to produce a picture which reflects the true horizon, a VERY careful check is needed. I personally had to erase several first drafts and occasionally even stuff already published at ap for this reason. Doing some work on the color-curves also gives remarkable better results.

Kind regards and good luck !

2013/10/13 00:57 , Christoph Seger
Actually I tried to fix this panorama, thanks for coments.
I havent got any panorama from chimney in Katowice, only near to chimney in my house :)
2013/10/13 12:43 , Konrad Sus
Konrad, I highly appreciate your will to rework the image - although I know than, when one starts with somehow limited material (your "Chinese" stuff...), one is not that fond of investing precious time around it.
But yes, sometimes we agree to do this nevertheless - like a humble homage to a subject that we like and respect, such as these wonderful mountains.
Were it possible, only for this I would give you further 4 stars. I think that efforts towards perfection are more valuable than perfection itself - provided that the latter words means anything.
Of course, this is only my personal opinion.
2013/10/14 12:20 , Pedrotti Alberto
Hi Konrad. I agree very much with Alberto. Your pano could improve a lot with a minimum of effort. And when it is quite easy you owe it to this fantastic scenery. KR Jan.
2013/10/14 13:03 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen

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