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Location: Flensburg (50 m)      by: Gotthard Stuhm
Area: Germany      Date:
Ein kleines Pano mit 4 QF aus der D 90

Nach einer Zeit der Abstinenz hier auf der Seite, ist der Appetit darauf gewachsen, mal einige meiner kleinen Flensburger Fördeblicke hier einzustellen. Bei unterschiedlichstem Wetter, zu den unterschiedlichsten Zeiten, mit den unterschiedlichsten Lichtstimmungen und unterschiedlich "belebter" Förde, präsentiert sich meine neue Heimatstadt immer im "besten Licht". Den Anfang macht eine prächige Abendstimmung, auf der auch die Marineschule Mürwick voll zur Geltung kommt.


Moin Gotthard. The view and the light are fine, but a little improvement would be good on two issues:

There is a slight magenta cast. Could be removed with a tick less magenta/more green.

Also, the pano is sort of stretched in the sides. I guess it is from the the projection in the stitcher, likely a rectiliniear. If you can change the projection, try cylindrical instead. LG Jan.
2013/09/26 17:19 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
Moin Jan,

thanks for your comment. I think I can follow your annotations. There seems to be a) a little magenta shimmer, and there b) also are little sections at the sides, that are not really sharp.

a) I suppose the light that evening has been exactly as you can see on the picture. The magenta shimmer is really caused by the sinking sun. The picture is not (!!!) processed in any way. White balance was switched to auto. Exposure mode was: M ... an so the only intervention was that I choose an aperture stop 1 or 2 steps lower than the automatic controll recommended. Maybee ... I need a better DSLR .. but the red colour always is a little bit probematic.

b) I use that simple Microsoft ICE to stitch. And the picture here was generated in cylindrical (!) mode. And so ... the picture is not stretched at the sides. The "stretching effect" - I suppose - is caused by an insufficiency of that cheap kit-zoom (18-105) that sometimes produces blurring at the edge. And at last it could be ... that I slewed the camera too fast.

Best regards

2013/09/29 02:36 , Gotthard Stuhm

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Gotthard Stuhm

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