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Aufnahmestandort: Khorasan Province-near Nishapur      Fotografiert von: Sj Jamali
Gebiet: Iran, Islamic Republic Of      Datum:


I am very pleased to see another beautiful picture form Iran which reminds us again of the long and glorious history of Persia.
Kind regards Christoph
25.08.2013 10:45 , Christoph Seger
Dear friend, I agree, it's a very interesting view, but unfortunately with a stitching error at the edge of the right footpath. Perhaps you can repair it. KR Arno
25.08.2013 12:14 , Arno Bruckardt
hi Christoph!
you will see more glory of the great iran ancient civilization by a travel to our country absolutely there are too many places that we can't display you in our photographs ... i'll be glad to see you in iran...
25.08.2013 20:47 , Sj Jamali
hi Arno!
Thank you!
25.08.2013 20:48 , Sj Jamali
Very interesting - happy to see more of your country. Martin
25.08.2013 21:15 , Martin Kraus
Now your path is right :-)
KR Arno
25.08.2013 22:52 , Arno Bruckardt

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Sj Jamali

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