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1 Montagna di Roncegno
2 Factotum
3 Concert organizer
4 Seiler grand piano
5 Garden


Location: Roncegno (510 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Italy      Date: 11-06-2013
Once I made a concert in this hall. Short after the last rehearsal, while my friend playing the sax was "heating" his instrument in another room, and before the door was opened to the audience, I was able to position the tripod and to "steal" in a hurry the shots for this 360° view.
The former Palace Hotel, now "Casa di Salute Raphael", lies 2 km far from my home, but it was since 1998 that I did not play here!!
The building is surrounded by a beautiful garden, as can be guessed through the large windows.
10 vertical shots, ISO 100, 1 sec, f/8, zoom 16-85 at 16 mm (x1.5); Hugin, spherical projection.

Larger: http://bit.ly/2JM8Os8


Wonderful panorama Alberto!! I'm listening, ... but i can't hear the smooth sound of your music at this worthy place - is there another button to hear it ... ;-) ?? Kind regards, Hans-Jörg
2013/06/13 12:51 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
Thank you for your thought... Actually, I leaned a little Zoom recorder at one of the big windows, the second last from right, but I am typically so lazy working at audio files that I routinely find directories with untouched .wavs even one year after their recording... It is indeed more pleasant to make music anew than to work at the already-made, with - which is most frightening - all its errors and sins forever inside!!
Likewise, it is much more pleasant to be around with a camera than to sit in front of the screen... For this reason, considering the amount of tweaking that I needed in this picture, I will consider the opportunity of buying a nodal point adapter for subjects like this!
2013/06/13 13:14 , Pedrotti Alberto
So you play the grand piano then? Wow!
2013/06/13 13:14 , Augustin Werner
Ästhätische Architecture 
A small masterpiece - with attention to detail
2013/06/13 14:04 , Rainer Ulm
Me piace... 
qualque esperimenti!
Saluti di
2013/06/13 16:00 , Walter Schmidt
Glad you didn't mention that you made it hand-held :-) Art & Photography is your métier. VG HJ
2013/06/13 22:28 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer
Questa è proprio bella.
2013/06/13 22:37 , Giuseppe Marzulli
A strong and enjoyable picture.
2013/06/14 07:43 , Christoph Seger
You must buy an nodal point adapter, so that we can see more! VG Werner
2013/06/14 14:56 , Werner Schelberger
You are right, it is truly needed.
Indeed, the 500 pixel forgive a lot, but if I look at the larger picture
I find that a crowd of new errors materialized in the last 48 hours... the worst one lying in the big window left of the piano. Funny, left of the keyboard, is also the seat with five legs, like the animals in old Mesopotamian art!
Do you have any suggestion as for brand and model?
2013/06/14 23:20 , Pedrotti Alberto

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Pedrotti Alberto

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