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Location: Palazo Vecchio Firenze (50 m)      by: Cavalier Jean-Yves
Area: Italy      Date: 17/04/2013
This most imposing chamber has a length of 52 m and is 23 m broad. It was built in 1494 by Simone del Pollaiolo.
The ceiling consists of 39 panels also constructed and painted by Vasari and his assistants, representing Great Episodes from the life of Cosimo I, the quarters of the city and the city itself and towards the center is the apotheosis : Scene of His Glorification as Grand Duke of Florence and Tuscany (
7 pictures 17mm f/4 1/60s ISO-800 without tripod


Excellent! BR, Volker
2013/05/31 18:50 , Volker Driesen

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Cavalier Jean-Yves

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