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1 Sjællands Odde peninsula, 26 km
2 Elmebjerg 41 m, Nekselø island, 6,5 km
4 Gadebjerg 41 m, Nekselø island, 5,8 km
5 Stold, 3,7 km
6 Vejrhøj 121 m, 11,8 km
7 Luntebjerg 84 m, 23 km


Location: Myretykkevej (12 m)      by: Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
Area: Denmark      Date: 2012-08-13, 20:25
Normally I don't post 2 panos at the same time, but I thought it could be funny to compare the seasons from the same spot. They are both shot around sunset.

The location is a quiet by-way; only people to come here are locals. That is a shame, since the landscape and view is very unique. I thought the modest house at such an outstanding location is a funny contrast - many people would consider such a location pure liebhaberei.

Pano made from 10 pics (RAW), developed in DPP (cloudy, neutral, moderate sharpness), 50 mm, iso-200, 1/200 sec, f/10, stitched in PTgui pro, rescaled and sharpened in IrfanView.


Wow... was für eine tolle Stimmung! Erinnert an "Vi på Saltkråkan" ("Ferien auf Saltkrokan") - ein klasse Licht, man riecht förmlich das Weizenfeld.

Sehr guter Bildaufbau und -einteilung

Jörg E.
2013/05/17 22:41 , Jörg Engelhardt
Schönes Licht, ruhiges Pano, tolle Stimmung!
2013/05/18 09:38 , Danko Rihter
Can smell the sea.
2013/05/18 10:45 , Arne Rönsch
2013/05/19 06:38 , Christoph Seger
"four stars" ... and not "only teardrops" ;-)) - thinking about the ESC yesterday - for your wonderful summer and winter impressions! Nice landscape where you live Jan! LG Hans-Jörg
2013/05/19 09:01 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
It is difficult to say which one I like more. It's good that I needn't decide it.
LG Jörg
2013/05/21 21:13 , Jörg Nitz
Thank you all. 
@Hans-Jörg: danke, I wonder how long she will last..:-) The battle for next years arrangement will probably last long...The poor, ignored and always self-pityful provinces west of Great Belt feel it is their turn now to host a big show, while the arrogant inhabitors of the capitol feel they should of course present it (BIG YAWN):-) LG Jan.
2013/05/22 23:59 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen

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Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen


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