Esfarayen-Belqays citadel   43662
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Location: Iran-Esfarayen-Belqays citadel (1186 m)      by: Sj Jamali
Area: Iran, Islamic Republic Of      Date:
The ruins of historical city Belonging to the late Sasanian and early Islamic


You should use the full height of 500px.
2013/04/24 23:47 , Darius Müller-Wohlfahrt
Hi Darush Muller, Thanks for your comment
2013/04/25 12:42 , Sj Jamali
Great! Maybe you can remove the text field in the picture and add some description...

Jörg E.
2013/04/25 13:38 , Jörg Engelhardt
Very beautiful photo. thanks for that.
2013/06/11 09:39 , Amin Shamsollahi

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Sj Jamali

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