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1 Sydøstrev (southeastern reef), Sejerø, 10 km
2 Grønnebjerg 27 m, Sejerø, 17 km
3 Sejerby Kirke (church), 18 km
4 Monsbjerg 55 m, Helgenæs, 65 km
5 Bybjerg 26 m, Sejerø, 19 km
6 Høghøj 53 m + trees, Helgenæs, 64 km
7 Kongshøj 30 m, Sejerø, 14 km
8 Ellemandsbjerg 99 m, Helgenæs, 65 km
9 Lindehoved 19 m, Sejerø, 13 km
10 Stødov Bakker 73 m, Helgenæs, 66 km
11 Grimshoved 65 m, Helgenæs, 66 km
12 Skagelse Bjerg 29 m, Sejerø, 22 km
13 Sejerø lighthouse, 24 km
14 Eskebjerg 26 m, Sejerø, 23 km
15 Skagelse Klint cliff 14 m, 21 km
16 Studstrupværket power plant 190 m, Århus, 83 km
17 Klokkerholm 65 m, Mols Bjerge, 70 km
18 Elbjerg 111 m, Mols Bjerge, 70 km
19 Trehøje 127 m, Mols Bjerge, 70 km
20 P. 108 m, Mols Bjerge, 71 km
21 P. 132 m, Mols Bjerge, 72 km
22 Agri Bavnehøj 137 m, Mols Bjerg, 72 km
23 Hjulbjerg 51 m, Djursland, 60 km
24 Skelhøj Bakker 52 m, Djursland, 62 km
25 Hjelm lighthouse, 52 km
26 Kastelsbakke 39 m, Hjelm island, 53 km
27 Brokhøj 34 m, Djursland, 60 km
28 Storkhøje 51 m + trees, Djursland, 63 km
29 Storkhøje 53 m, Djursland, 63 km
30 Jernhatten 49 m, Djursland, 63 km
31 P. 49 m, Djursland, 63 km
32 Stenled Sønderskov forest 64 m, Djursland, 64 km
33 P. 39 m + trees, Djursland, 69 km


Location: Vejrhøj (121 m)      by: Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
Area: Denmark      Date: 2013-03-23, 13:50
For me, this is the most compelling part of the view from Vejrhøj: the view over Sejerø island and the peninsular landscape of Djursland, Jylland, beyond. Djursland is "the nose with snot dripping from it" on Jylland. Sejerø looks completely distorted, because it is viewed head on; its 11 km length is totally compressed. Everywhere else around you can clearly see it as a long island, except from here.

Though it is +70 km, one can clearly see how snowed in they were in eastern Jylland; the dark parts are forest and the light are fields and heath. I tried to explain the eastern orientation of the main snowfall by the last pano, but it is more obvious here.

Those interested in refraction could maybe say something here. If you check out pano #9923 you can see, that it was possible to stitch further left of Sejerø island. That was not possible this time, but check out 1: the horizon over Sejerø island on both panos (it seems lo lie notably higher on #9923), and 2: the height of the chimney (Studstrupværket) on both panos, and 3: how well above the Djursland landscape rises here, compared to #9923. In short: to me it looks as if the refraction changes notably on both panos (within the panos), in opposite direction. Here, it gets better from left to right (south to north), and on #9923 it gets worse from left to right. Wilfried, Heinz, Jörgs etc - please say something clever...:-)

Pano made from 13 pics (RAW), developed in DPP (neutral, moderate sharpness, 6500K), 300mm handheld, iso-100, 1/800 sec, f/8, gamma 0,85, re-scaling and sharpness in IrfanView.


Sorry I don't say anything "clever" now. I only know that I like this pano very much because it is a great document of this special winter, islands with snow, and also it shows far distances - with refraction or not.
LG Jörg
2013/04/14 23:30 , Jörg Nitz
I guess this is a rare event one can see this clear over the Kattegat. Indeed it is a document.
2013/04/15 11:26 , Mentor Depret
Faszinierende "Eintönigkeit"!
;- ))) Das sagt halt einer, der meistens Berge fotografiert!
Gruss Walter
2013/04/15 12:12 , Walter Schmidt
A fascinating tele pano Jan, and stunning how you managed to stitch the area between Storkhøje and Jernhatten. Even the area before and after is a challenge because of a minimum of contrast. Greetings HJ
2013/04/15 19:31 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer
Thank you for your kind words.

@Hans-Jürgen: Yes, that needed a little help to Stitch. I could only put on one control-point, but I added one more (in "controlpoints, zooming to 50%) by placing the original controlpoint in the far left of the window, and then adding one more in the far right of the window (the pictures need to be even, or even uneven:-)).

Jernhatten means der Eisenhut (not because it looks like Aconitum, but like a helmet, also same word as Hjelm island), and Storkhøje means Storchhöhen - see, danish is easy;-) LG Jan.
2013/04/15 20:09 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
Great! Even with snow!
2013/04/17 18:32 , Christoph Seger
It's like "earth" - ... water, water, water! In your panorama, i think more than 72%! ... awesome - cheers Hans-Jörg
2013/04/17 19:24 , Hans-Jörg Bäuerle
I don't think I have something clever to say, but I understand now what you wanted to say about the snowfall in your last pano. LG Wilfried
2013/04/17 21:03 , Wilfried Malz
Oh, I should think about something clever. But it occurred to me still nothing. Best to simply enjoy the open view.
2013/04/21 22:14 , Jörg Braukmann

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Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen


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