Mossdale Bay, Ullswater.   103245
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1 Round How 387m
2 Gowborrow Fell 481m
3 Green Hill 442m
4 Ullswater Lake
5 Melmerley Fell 709m
6 Bonscale Pike 524m
7 Hallin Fell 388m
8 Bleaberry Knot (Brirk Fell) 512m
9 The Knight 552m
10 Place Fell 657m
11 Angletarn Pikes 567m
12 High Street 823m
13 Thornthwaite Crag 784m
14 Stony Cove Pike 763m
15 Hartsop Dodd 618m
16 Candale Moor 755m
17 Arnison Crag 433m
18 Birks 622m


Location: Glenridding, Cumbria. Lake District National Park. (146 m)      by: Paul Chater
Area: United Kingdom      Date: 20.02.2013
Ullswater is the second largest lake in the English Lake District, being 14.5 kilometres long and 1,200 m wide with a depth of about 60 metres.
This shore line inspired one of English Romantic poet, William Wordsworth to write one of his most famous poems \\\"I wandered lonely as a cloud\\\" after viewing the banks of the lake covered in daffodils. This image was taken a month before the daffodils bloom.


Impressive landscape! Absolutely worth watching.

A pity, that the water was not calm enough for easy stitching. And it seems possible to me, that you waited a bit too long between shooting the pics, for light changes are a bit too obvoius.
2013/03/19 21:55 , Arne Rönsch
Great landscape and even great light conditions! I like your motifs very much but often the technical aspects for me are improveable. At this one only the surface of the water shows some problems. In my opinion you can't do really much without changing the equipment. If possible you should try to use "panoramastudio" as stitcher (trial version, full version with costs). I am sure you won't see much differences at the surface anymore.
LG Jörg
2013/03/19 23:11 , Jörg Nitz
Motif, colors and light are very nice. Greetings Fried
2013/03/20 16:26 , Friedemann Dittrich
Arne, you are correct, I did take too long between taking each image. I was waiting for other visitors to move because I didn't want people in the pano.
Jorg - I have always used PTGUI software which produces reasonable results. But on occasions the blending and stitching for rough water, skies etc. do not produce results I like. Therefore I have tested your recommended software "panoramastudio". The results are much better as well as being easier to use, so I will now purchase this software.
Thanks for the advice. Paul.
2013/03/20 18:37 , Paul Chater
I see it also as Friedemann and I liked your poetic description.
Paul, if you've been waiting too long between shots and the light has changed, then also a different Stitcher brings nothing new.
It is also not easy to stitch water, if you do the shots in quick succession.
I have created many panoramas with water, e. g. # 11200, 8239, 5646, 3570 ... and I gained experience in.
2013/03/20 19:20 , Heinz Höra
There is some problem of stitching, but the scenery is spectacular and the citation of Wordsworth very beautiful.
2013/03/20 20:27 , Giuseppe Marzulli
I like the scenery, too, and only at the second glance did I detect the stitching problems. KR Wilfried
2013/03/21 11:29 , Wilfried Malz
Your motives are well chosen. Especially the light is exciting. Therefore it is worthwhile to solve the technical problems.
2013/03/21 14:56 , Jörg Braukmann
This time I've tested "Panoramastudio" for the stitch. The blend in the water is better than the previous image. Paul.
2013/03/25 11:12 , Paul Chater
I see progress and improvement after pressing the F5 button. Keep it up.
2013/03/26 15:25 , Jörg Braukmann

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