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1 Pik Klara Zetkin, 6680
2 Pik Vorobiova, 5691
3 Pik Izvestiya, 6840
4 Piik Hohlov, 6640
5 Pano 6898
6 Pik Somoni, 7495
7 Pano 6615
8 Pik Dushanbe, 6996
9 Pano 10434
10 Borodkin ridge
11 Grudi, 6070
12 Pik Kirov, 6320
13 Olympic Peak, 5637
14 Pik Oshanin, 6389
15 To Pik Suloeva, 5816


Location: Trail to Korjenevskaya (4530 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Tajikistan      Date: 27-07-2010
The same subject of other Pamir images, from a slightly different standpoint.



I miss a bit the colours in the mountains to the left. You have got quite a "flat gray scale distribution there". I bet to tried to avoid dark blotches. Nevertheless, in toto of course ****
2013/03/15 00:37 , Christoph Seger
No, I did not make strange interventions on this picture, like heavy shadow corrections or similar, also because I assembled it straightforwardly in approx. 10 minutes from the five original images (jpegs!).
That the north side of Pik Vorobiova is not very pleasant in photography can be argued also in the other panoramas from higher up on Korjenevskaya. But I think this issue should be best appreciated here:
You can see that there has been a wide and heavy recent rockfall in the section which stands out for "ugliness"!

P.S.: after the 10 minutes on this one I have spent some time trying to improve on the old, challenging N.6615, which I have reloaded. Maybe, however, that it needs some further work.
2013/03/15 01:35 , Pedrotti Alberto
Dear Alberto 
Thank you for the explanations!
2013/03/15 18:04 , Christoph Seger
Hello Pedrotti,
impressively pano.
Best regards,

2013/03/16 19:41 , Christian Hönig

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Pedrotti Alberto

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