Sizilianisches Barock auf antiken Mauern   91911
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Location: Siracusa, Piazza Duomo (50 m)      by: Christoph Seger
Area: Italy      Date: 2012-04-02
Il Duomo Santa Maria delle Colonne has been erected in the 7th century over the doric Athena temple from the 5th century BC, meaning that the temple was 12 centuries in place and the church is now in its 14th century. The facade of the church is "Sicilian baroque" and was re-erected after the devastating earthquake in 1693 by Andrea Palma. The picture was taken on early morning, unfortunately the good weather of the day before was not given any longer ...

Technical stuff
Canon 550D, 14 HF RAWs @ 17 mm, 06:47
f/9, 1/250-1/400, ISO 100
DPP, Hugin, Gimp


The light is not ideal, but it is a very hard pano and I really like it.
2013/02/14 19:19 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Die Szene kommt mir irgendwie bekannt vor :-) Ist aber auch ein toller Platz. Zwar ist das Wetter schlechter, aber dafür der Standort etwas besser als auf meiner alten Variante. Das Problem mit den pro Einzelbild stürzenden Linien hast Du in schwächerer Form hier auch (z.B. an der rechten Wand des Palazzo del Senato). VG Martin
2013/02/14 19:45 , Martin Kraus
Hallo Christoph. I have marked (x) a little "thing". Hope it is not too inconvenient. LG Jan.
2013/02/14 21:20 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
sehr feine Bildaufteilung und extrem feingezeichnete Strukturen. Das gefällt mir sehr gut. Die vermutlich leicht überbelichteten Stellen, die überhaupt nicht stören sondern sogar einen gewissen Tiefblick im Himmel simulieren, sind durch Kontrastverringerung gut gemildert (meine Vermutung). Schön ! VG HJ
2013/02/14 21:23 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer
@Jan - thanks 
I screened the pano several times and was happy to find NO error in the buildings. I completely overlooked the umbrella. I am "traveling" and will repair it as soon as possible.
kind regards Christoph
2013/02/15 09:10 , Christoph Seger
to all of you 
I did now the reload of this pano, the stitching error in the umbrella (forground righhand side) is now gone.
kind regards Christoph
2013/02/18 11:23 , Christoph Seger
Also interesting tiefblick-effect in the sky as mentioned by HJB. Nix für ungut, dear friends, but I am often confused about overlit skies because it seems to matter a lot to some of you. In this pano, for me, it is such a small part, that I hardly notice it. LG Jan.
2013/02/18 16:35 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
Hi Jan 
thanks for pointing out the sky again, I forgot to answer HJ.I checked when I did the picture reprocessing some hours ago: No, I did not reduce the contrast, merely the tone value curve was slightly adapted, only a few gray scale points and in a S-like shape. So the contrast was a bit reduced around mean gray values, no influence on the bright sky.
2013/02/18 20:13 , Christoph Seger
hatte schon auf HJ getippt (ein Kompliment:)
Für dieses Licht oder gerade dadurch sehr ansprechendes Pano.

LG & behüt Dich Gott,


PS: Ein hauch mehr Boden verhinderten die 17mm (KB) oder?
2013/02/19 12:24 , Christian Hönig

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