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1 Sant'Antioco
2 Locanda Monserrat
3 Santa Maria di Monserrato
4 My vehicle
5 Abandoned village
6 Local museum


Location: Tratalias (10 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Italy      Date: 31-12-2011
The church of Santa Maria di Monserrato, in Tratalias, is a good example of that particular Romanesque architecture which is called "Romanico Pisano", and whose most known witness in Sardinia is perhaps the Trinità di Saccargia.
Built in the 13th century, the church was dedicated to St. Mary; like any other Sardinian St. Mary, it received the additional specification "di Monserrato" during the Spanish rule of the 16th century.
Concerning this topic, is should be sufficient to note that the town lying closest to Tratalias bears the name of Iglesias, which is the Spanish word for "churches"...
Alas, like many other things in Sardinia, in winter the church is closed and so my visit was limited to taking photos outside. More that on the monument itself, this 360° view aims to suggest the particular atmosphere of the site, now that the little village has moved 1 km away from here.
In the larger version ( I did not cut the lower part, where pixel detectives can spot with ease stitching errors, mercilessly emphasized by the tiling. It did not seem to me the case to waste time in correcting these defects; I simply have to get used to them, since when going around by bicycle I surely cannot afford the luxury to carry a tripod!


Sehr schöne Impression mit dem mittigen Baum.
Auf den ersten Blick und beim Betrachten der linken Seite des Panos hätte ich mir auch einen Ort in Spanien vielleicht aus Südamerika vorstellen können, wenngleich das Pflaster dann nicht ganz gepasst hätte. VG HJ
2013/02/13 14:19 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer
Sono posti che mi piaciono troppo.
2013/02/14 19:35 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Yes, this was my proposal... To give a feeling for Andalucia or somewhat similar at the beginning, and then to explain that strictly speaking this is not Spain... but, however, to a certain extent it actually is!
Incidentally: that day I wanted to publish an image, but I was in doubt what to choose. I decided looking at your "Evening glory"... actually, I posted its opposite: all what there is perfect and polite (architecture, light...) here becomes harsh and rugged - the walls, the flare, even the sun inside the picture!!
2013/02/14 22:07 , Pedrotti Alberto
Thank you Alberto for your comment - an interesting fact on your pano is the video surveillance feature on the buildings, although the pano makes one believe that there aren't many people around at any time. For some reason this pano reminded me to the act "Waiting for Godot". I don't know why but maybe the empty area and the tree ;-) HJ
2013/02/14 22:39 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer
I think that it is quite natural: the buildings have been abandoned, because of the geological instability induced by a nearby artificial lake. So, they have been converted to seasonal shops of souvenirs and local handicraft... hence the surveillance.
By the way, note the typically Italian standards of intelligence/coherence in all this: You create a lake where it threatens inhabited surroundings and, among the other things, a monument like this - but you know that in present Italy culture is considered of value less than zero. Then you abandon the buildings because they are at risk, and at the same time you continue to use them for the sake of commerce, maybe hoping that the Montserrat Virgin protects you during the shop opening hours...
2013/02/15 14:12 , Pedrotti Alberto

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Pedrotti Alberto

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