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1 S Broadway
2 ----------------------------------
3 -----------------------
4 360 Rooftop
5 The Old Courthouse
6 ausgebrannte Funzel
7 N Broadway
8 --------------------------------------------------
9 hier geht es wirklich leicht bergab ! ----------------------
10 -------------------------
11 The Gateway Arch
12 The moon
13 hier geht es wirklich leicht berauf !
14 (old) International fur exchange


Location: Old Courthouse, St. Louis MO (139 m)      by: Hans-Jürgen Bayer
Area: United States      Date: 21 Jan 2013
A very pleasent evening, but very, very cold.
The motif is not new and turns out to be one of my favourite - also because there's not much more to discover for me these days.

But an evening tour to the Old Courthouse is always a pleasure. Luckily a horse carriage stopped by my way.
The horse carriage is one of the attractions here and you can take a ride through downtown and along the Riverfront to Laclede's Landing - each day whether it is freezing or hot and humid. Apparently the horse takes it calmly, however it is also a sentient being...

Nikon Coolpix P7100 -
freehand 360° 26 HF, 28mm KB, 1/30s, f/2.8, ISO100

The 1/30s with a maximum aperture worked quite well.


Always beautiful!
2013/02/12 00:26 , Christoph Seger
Very nice.
2013/02/12 01:14 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Nice detail with the moon on top, but strange lines!? It is strange how we get more and more familiar with this city and its surroundings. I like the motifs from the ferry and the bridges better, but I must admit your city-views are in great light and tight compositions. LG Jan.
2013/02/12 15:21 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
Like it a lot. The little moon fit perfectly!!
2013/02/12 22:08 , Barcud Revnik
Komposition, Licht und Farben gefallen mir sehr gut. Die besten Motive scheint es hier mehr in der Innenstadt als im Umland zu geben.
2013/02/14 18:16 , Jörg Braukmann

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Hans-Jürgen Bayer

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