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1 Punta Sbaron 2223
2 Monte Civrari 2302
3 Punta della Croce 2234
4 Rocca della Sella 1508
5 Monte Arpone 1600
6 Monte Curt 1325


Location: Monte Pirchiriano (962 m)      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 3 February 2013
Sacra di San Michele, sometimes known as Saint Michael’s Abbey, is a religious complex on Mount Pirchiriano, situated on the south side of the Val di Susa, near Torino. The abbey, which for much of its history came under Benedictine rule, is now entrusted to the Rosminians.
Monastery was founded between 983 and 987 on the top of the mountain Pirchiriano and was build a piece after a piece during next centuries.

Sacra di San Michele Monastery is situated over one big rock in the mountain with a very big large view in all directions. Sacra di San Michele is staying 1000 km away from the other two sacred monasteries for pilgrims, one in North France (Mont Saint-Michel) and another one in South Italy (Sanctuary of San Michele Arcangelo), Puglia. The three sacred places dedicated to St. Michael aligned along a line that extended the crow flies, leading to Jerusalem.


Tolles Licht und sehr gute Bildeinteilung!

Jörg E.
2013/02/04 22:41 , Jörg Engelhardt
Ciao Giuseppe, Another stunning beauty - I like the variety of perspectives you choose in your panoramas, sometimes looking down, sometimes looking up, but always with impeccable taste! It's a privilege to look at the beauty of our world through your eyes! Cheers from Canada, Augustin
2013/02/05 04:38 , Augustin Werner
Beautiful castle!
2013/02/05 13:25 , Wolfgang Schmähling
Yes, a fantastic composition. KR Jan.
2013/02/05 17:22 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
Again a very beautiful panorama with brilliant sharpness. Personally, I would cut the image on the right a little bit earlier, but please do not misunderstand, that's not a criticism.

LG Werner
2013/02/05 21:31 , Werner Schelberger
Ce ne sono pochi di monumenti in posizione cosí strategica.
Anch'io a destra farei finire il tutto vicino all'ultimo incontro di creste boscose. Certo che si fa fatica a credere alla data, con queste condizioni!
Adesso mi chiedo quale sarà la prossima, forse il forte di Exilles? Oppure, vedendo il Civrari, mi viene in mente il santuario dietro, su al Colombardo... quello sarebbe un colpo grosso!
2013/02/05 22:50 , Pedrotti Alberto
2013/02/08 19:33 , Martin Kraus

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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