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Location: Yemen/Hadhramaut/Mukalla City (250 m)      by: Ameen Basalamah
Area: Yemen      Date: 2/2/2013


Hi Ameen - welcome on Great to see this view of Mukalla, you have chosen an interesting point of view. I have been in this phantastic place 20 years ago - comparing to my vague memories it seems that the city has developed.
For the panorama - it would be appreciated by the community here if you can straighten the sea horizon (method depends on tools you are using), locate the panorama (use "edit panorama" - "locate on map") and write a few lines of description. I would definitively look forward to see more of this region.
Regards from Germany, Martin
2013/02/03 21:22 , Martin Kraus

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Ameen Basalamah

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