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1 Spotlight
2 Becco di Filadonna, 2150
3 Castello di Pergine
4 La Madonnina
5 Cima Vigolana, 2148


Location: Pergine (480 m)      by: Pedrotti Alberto
Area: Italy      Date: 25-01-2013
I know that I risk the expulsion from the community, or at least a fine, by posting a panorama made of only two (!!) shots. However, I like it because of one detail: while the attention is attracted by the Castle of Pergine, hidden in the background there is a little dot of light right below the Becco di Filadonna. Maybe some adventurer who has reached the highest, and most beautiful summit of the Vigolana massif to enjoy the moonlight, the one casting the shadows that one clearly sees on the northern flanks of the mountain.
This is the alignment which I prefer between the castle and the Vigolana skyline. Alas, it cannot be extended neither left- nor rightwards since it is surrounded on both sides by the last buildings and lights of Pergine. Maybe better results could be achieved by climbing the roof of some house, but this is beyond my proposals, especially now that the roofs are covered by icy snow...

Position: 46.0691 11.2551


... very mysterious!!

BR Gerhard.
2013/01/27 17:40 , Gerhard Eidenberger
Two or only a few frames are sometimes absolutely enough. Here, the alternative would have been to shoot a three-row megapixel pano with maybe two dozen frames. Would this result in a better picture??
2013/01/27 19:44 , Christoph Seger
The lowest form of life... 
When stitched from only two photos, it still constitutes a "real" pano in my terms. I would personally prefer a minimal inclusion of the disturbing elements you mention in both sides. Not because it would be more pretty, but because it would sort of frame it or give a beginning and an end. KR Jan.
2013/01/27 20:27 , Jan Lindgaard Rasmussen
Non ci crederai, ma questa mattina ero al Castello di Pergine.
2013/01/27 22:22 , Giuseppe Marzulli
Christoph: maybe too many rows and pixels are not for me... That day, I finished work in Pergine at 17 and I had to be there again at 21. Hence, I had four hours at disposal to do what I intended: to reach by bicycle (with camera and tripod on it) the last settlements of the Val dei Mocheni, at more than 1600 m. During the trip I took somewhat like one hundred shots, typically 30 sec each, which accounts for 50 minutes pure exposure!! I mean, pixels come not completely for free, and the more of them you collect on a single place, the less places you visit...
Jan: it is interesting for me to see how your idea is different from mine. Given the conditions, which prevented me from including the whole massif, I tried to maximize the contrast between the incompleteness of the skyline and the self-containedness of the castle mass. I was so convinced, that I cut off everything else already on the place. Only later, here at the screen, materialized the far light... as we say in Italy: between two contenders, it is the third the one who enjoys!
Giuseppe: pensa, io che lavoro a Pergine sono entrato nel castello l'ultima volta nel 2005, e neanche per il castello in sé, ma per fare un accompagnamento al pianoforte...
2013/01/28 01:03 , Pedrotti Alberto
2013/01/28 07:12 , Thomas Janeck
2016/11/29 22:53 , Heinz Höra

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Pedrotti Alberto

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