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Location: Mashhad-Kohsangi      by: Saeed Zohani
Area: Iran, Islamic Republic Of      Date: 11/9/2012


Hey Saeed, what a great and exciting view point! If you could straighten the horizon and add a bit more sharpness I am sure you will earn lots of stars here.
Best regards
2012/11/09 14:29 , Jens Vischer
Hi Jens ,Thank you for your comment , you said right & i will do it next time .
2012/11/09 14:33 , Saeed Zohani
Amazing to see how cities in the world look increasingly similar (apart from the landscape in the distance). I agree with the suggestions on technical imporovement and would be happy to see more from you. Cheers, Martin
2012/11/09 19:24 , Martin Kraus
Hi Martin , i like to show my city & my country to other people in the world & you comments Encourages me to taking more photos from here . thank you Martin with best regard
2012/11/09 19:44 , Saeed Zohani
Hello upon Imam Reza
2013/04/25 12:40 , Sj Jamali

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Saeed Zohani

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