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1 Sant' Alessandro in Colonna
2 Spalto San Giacomo
3 Palazzo del Liceo Classico
4 Duomo
5 Campanile del Duomo
6 Campanile Santa Maria Maggiore
7 Santa Maria Maggiore
8 Cappella Colleoni
9 Palazzo della Ragione
10 Palazzo Vescovile
11 Chiesa San Salvatore
12 Torre Scaraguaita
13 Palazzo del Podestà
14 Torre Civica
15 Seminario
16 Teatro Sociale
17 Palazzo Suardi
18 Castello San Vigilio
19 Torre della Campanella
20 Piazza Vecchia
21 Torre di Adalberto
22 Chiesa del Carmine
23 Sant' Agata
24 Biblioteca Angelo Maj
25 San Michele all' Arco
26 Maresana
27 Canto Alto 1146


Location: Bergamo (Torre del Gombito)      by: Giuseppe Marzulli
Area: Italy      Date: 6 October 2012
Bergamo is the town where I live and work. Light conditions were not great, but I wanted to show you Bergamo Alta.

Bergamo has two centres: "Bergamo alta" (upper town), a hilltop medieval town, surrounded by 17th century cyclopic defensive walls, and "Bergamo bassa" (lower town).


In face of a strong backlight a nicely illuminated pano. A good insight to the piazza. Greetings HJ
2012/10/06 21:38 , Hans-Jürgen Bayer

Jörg E.
2012/10/06 22:53 , Jörg Engelhardt
Very interesting Panorama, In terms of density the opposite of "my" Canadian Landscapes. If you live in such a pretty town, I am surprised you haven't showed us this terrific perspective earlier! All the best! Augustin
2012/10/07 01:17 , Augustin Werner
Thanks for your comments. @Augustin: The Gombito Tower is the place that provides the best view of Bergamo Alta. But the tower was unsafe and was renovated just two years ago. It is not easy go up the Gombito Tower, because it is available only in small groups and by appointment. It is much more frequently go up the Torre Civica (which is seen in the pano).
Another problem is that it is not easy to make a pano, because buildings are very close. I had tried previously, but the result was not good.
2012/10/07 10:06 , Giuseppe Marzulli
This is Italy like we from further north dream of it. Great view, well done! Cheers, Martin
2012/10/07 12:59 , Martin Kraus
Just great, although the sky could have given some more colour.
2012/10/08 11:40 , Arne Rönsch
A really nice place for living Guiseppe! Tanti saluti Seb
2012/10/08 18:40 , Sebastian Becher
Terrific !
2012/10/08 20:43 , Christoph Seger
Me piace!
Saluti di Walter
2012/10/09 10:09 , Walter Schmidt
Molto interessante!
Lo so che è pazzesco, ma io non sono mai "salito" oltre Orio al Serio...
2012/10/13 23:00 , Pedrotti Alberto

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Giuseppe Marzulli

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